help, hug virus problem!

  daly666 22:04 12 May 2008

ive got a HUGE virus problem,Trojan horse along with rouge antivirus adds and pop-ups, nothing seems to get rid of them, ive tried avast, it cant process it, spyware doctor says its kiled it but it hasent, norton 360 didnt detect it, it would be a huge help if eny1 can help we with this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 12 May 2008

what is it called?

  daly666 22:19 12 May 2008

im sorry i have no idea, usin other pc atm all i no its a trojan and its kinda killing my pc

  Sea Urchin 22:25 12 May 2008

If you know you have a trojan then you surely must know the name?

  wee eddie 22:33 12 May 2008

Please tell us:

What PC?

What OS?

What is the AV Software that you have loaded?

What other Adware, Malware,Cookie killers, etc that you have loaded?

What is happening and what, if any, Messages are you getting?

Last of all: What were you doing, on your PC, in the few hours before you had the problem?

  daly666 22:43 12 May 2008

im using a dell inspiron 1300 on windows xp, ironicly i got the virus off a utorrent download of quake 2, im curently using Avast antivirus 4 free home edition, and spyware doctor off google,
messages im getting, a rouge antivirus is trying 2 get me 2 download it wen i klick off it tries 2 trick me into clicking it but i no my way thru it luckly, spyware doctor tells me its killed them but it hasent, i recently got rid of my Mccaffe beacuse it was entirely usless

  daly666 22:47 12 May 2008

im going for now beacuse of lag, if its easyer my msn is [email protected] if eny1 finds it easyer just add me and say im repliying to your virus problem will check back on 2moz

  wee eddie 11:25 13 May 2008

Having difficulty deciphering your ramblings.

Will bother to, when you make them a little more "Reader" Friendly!

  johnnyrocker 11:46 13 May 2008

you should never publish a username or mail address in open forums!! try a scan with system restore disabled.


  Mac70 12:07 13 May 2008

Never turn off System Restore until you are clean.

What is the name of the rogue antivirus?

  johnnyrocker 12:10 13 May 2008



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