help with html for link?

  drdeath 20:36 17 Mar 2004

hi troops, i need to implement a link on my website homepage, i have the url, but arent sure where to do this?? is it file manager in admin??? suggestions appreciated click here

  Taran 22:42 17 Mar 2004

I've never used a site like yours, pre-built by another company. Your first port of call should be the admin panel to see if you can do what you want it there. You could also just ask the template supplier.

Your problem in hand editing the code it that it's a dynamic site programmed with PHP. Because of that you'll have to wrap a normal HTML hyperlink in the appropriate PHP to 'print' the hyperlink onto the page, but you also have considerations about how to target the destination of the link.

Without seeing the full code of the page and knowing the hyperlink you want to add I'd be stupid to try and advise on this with sample code. I'd say you should fully explore the admin panel and email or call the support department of the site supplier.

There's not much you can do to a plain vanilla HTML site to break it and even if you manage to mess things up it's relatively easy to fix things. It's far harder with PHP or ASP though, and the consequences of things going wrong in your case could bring your site down.

I'd be surprised if your admin panel doesn't have a feature built in to allow you to modify page content and add links.

  IClaudio 23:03 17 Mar 2004


'Make sure you leave the first 2 tags in here "<tr> and <td>" they maintain the control over your entire page.
If you remove these tags all of you info will be shifted below you categories box on your pages. If you dont
Believe me, try'

Bringing Online Help to a new level...

And most of your Product graphics are still in strange formats that don't work in Firefox (and possibly other browsers, too, haven't tried them...)

  PurplePenny 23:17 17 Mar 2004

Have you *tried* doing it through Admin>File manager? I thought that you were going to try it a few days ago.

I know that you don't want to keep going back to DBP UK for help but they would be able to tell you whether you can do it through file manager. It would help if we knew which e-commerce software it was based on (Taran or FE - would it be the done thing to ask them that straight out?).

If you knew what it was based on you might find that there is a dedicated forum where your question has already been answered.

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