help with html code (i am thick)

  burgerburn 12:52 01 Feb 2003

Can anybody shed some light on some html code i am trying to find. All i want to do is to close a html sheet in internet explorer from a button on it instead of using the X in the top right corner.

I thought that ier://cmd://close would do it but cannot get it to work. have read myself to death in the help files in Frontpage 2000.

does anybody know the answer. I just want to be able to close IE from a html command on a page that is open in IE. I know it can be done as i have seen cover disk pages with it on.

I can just about get by in html but this one has stumped me.

thanks in advance to anybody who can help

  barryoneoff 14:20 01 Feb 2003

you want a page to open in a separate window with a "close" button in it?

  watchful 15:45 01 Feb 2003

Don't know if this will do it but to Close or Exit a web page press Alt and F4 keys.

  burgerburn 16:04 01 Feb 2003


I am working on a whole series of html pages linked to a main page with an index, on the page with the index I want to place a button that when pushed will close the page completely thus also shutting down the instance of internet explorer that it is working in. The whole project is designed to run on the machine not on the net.I know i can just click on the cross in the top right corner but that seems to me to be sloppy

  burgerburn 16:06 01 Feb 2003


thanks for the idea but i knew that one i really want to be able to do it via a button

  Keith 16:30 01 Feb 2003

You need to insert a JavaScript along the following lines:

<a href="javascript:window.close()"><img border="0" src="images/buttons/b_closewindow.gif"></a>

The src tag is just a reference to the button associated with the script; i.e. the button they press to close the window.

Hope this answers the question. Keith

  Keith 16:32 01 Feb 2003

You're not thick! None of us ever stop learning! Keith

  burgerburn 19:48 01 Feb 2003


Thanks for that, below is the code for the button how do i tie the 2 together. at the moment pressing the button causes the "page cannot be displayed" page to come up, and clicking on the little box for the code you supplied brings up a box saying "the web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?" clicking on yes works. but how to do it and tie the button and the command together
after a lot of trying still eludes me. the name of the page i wish to close is "title.htm" and as i am doing this to give to some friends as well that file could end up on any drive in any location, hence the <A HREF="title.htm"> i am still playing with it but do not seem to be able to go any further still learning at 50 but finding it hard. I can code to jump between pages but cannot seem to do anything to do with controlling IE or buttons. I am wondering if there should be something to give the button a name to insert into the src area of your code?, the trouble is working in Frontpage isolates you from the actual code itself

<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="./" width="120" height="24">
<param name="color" value="#000080">
<param name="hovercolor" value="#0000FF">
<param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="text" value="Close Program">
<param name="effect" value="glow">
<param name="url" valuetype="ref" value=<A HREF="title.htm">

  burgerburn 21:21 01 Feb 2003


I have played with this for hours now and am no nearer to solving it i will have to go to the library next week and do some research, daft thing is if this was a excel spreadsheet i could do it in VBA but this is beyond me

thanks for your help


  Keith 03:35 02 Feb 2003

Looking at your code, generated via FrontPage, I see you have created a 'hover button'. This is why you have 'applet code' at the start - FP builds in a little java applet to make the hover work. This is making life somewhat complicated for you to start with!

Let's simplify things - delete the FP hover button! Instead, just use a button image - just a straight .gif, no hover or anything. Find one on a web-site and save it (right-click > save picture as) or create a simple coloured shape. Or just use ANY old image for the purposes of sorting this out.

Insert it on the page where you want it to go in Normal view and then select it (click on it) - the handles will appear around the image. Then select the HTML view in FP (select the HTML tag at the bottom of the screen).

You now have the HTML referring to your button in view and highlighted. Now amend the HTML code to look like my previous posting. It should work.

I created a site recently which works exactly like this. Look at click here and select one of the little pictures at the sides of the Home page. When you click, a small browser window opens containing information plus a button to close it. Right-click in this browser window and select View Source on the pop-up menu - you will see the HTML code including that from my previous posting.

Save my 'close window' button if you want to use it - I nicked it from somewhere else! It's just a small .gif image.

You are wrong to say that FP isolates you from the code. FP gives you Normal and HTML views, the latter is a direct view of the HTML code to enable you to get into it!

You're worried about learning at 50? I can give you 5 years!

See how you go. If you need more help email me at [email protected]. Keith

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