Help on how How To set up a Broad band router

  ACOLYTE 12:50 07 Jan 2005

I have just got a wireless BB rounter and either i have the wrong modem(BT voyager 100) or the wrong router(AGK-NORDIC) because to me the diagrams on how to set it up dont make sence.
The set up says i need to connect my modem to the WAN port on the router and then connect my lan cable from pc to one of the lan ports on the router,but how do you get the telephone line signal? if i connect the modem to the router its not connected to the phone socket as the only cable i have on modem i the one from that to the phone line,and the USB cable to pc,what am i missing.

  AragornUK 13:00 07 Jan 2005

It seems to me you've got the wrong router for your equipment. Firstly, the connection sequence you describe seems to be for a wired router, not a wireless one. Secondly, I could be wrong here, but it sounds like you've got an ethernet router, whereas you'll need an ADSL router that can use the USB cable from your modem.

I gather there is no socket on the BT modem for an ethernet cable if you were to buy one?

  ACOLYTE 13:02 07 Jan 2005

click here

This what i have it says wireless broadband router.

  ACOLYTE 13:04 07 Jan 2005

There is only 2 sockets on the modem 1 usb to pc and 1 from modem to phone line.

  AragornUK 13:07 07 Jan 2005

If it's the WA4054 then it does claim to be a wireless router, and the aeriel would indicate that. However, I think it's one designed for ethernet connections.

Try this: click here

This is the sort of product you need I think. Others more knowledgable may give a bit more info.

  ACOLYTE 13:07 07 Jan 2005

Sorry the link was supposed to go to the picture if you click download product sheets bit it lists items click the router and thats the pic.

  ACOLYTE 13:09 07 Jan 2005

yep it is the 4054 does this mean i have brought wronng thing?,god im daft.

  AragornUK 13:11 07 Jan 2005

I don't know if there's such a thing as an USB to Ethernet conversion cable, or even if there is whether it would work.

Is there no USB connection on the back of the router? The connection would be: phone socket to modem, modem to router via USB, then router to PC via wireless protocol. However, if there's no USB connection on the router then it's likely it won't work even though the PDF does say that it's for DSL or cable modem.

  ACOLYTE 13:14 07 Jan 2005

There is no USB port on the router just the Wan port and 4 Lan ports,oh and power point,It did say DSL modems yes thats why i brought it.

  AragornUK 13:17 07 Jan 2005

I can only assume that SOME DSL modems have an ethernet port as well as a USB one. Typical of BT to give you very little choice eh?

First qustion would be to their customer services, if there is one. Then maybe get a refund and go for one like I linked above.

Again, I may be way off the mark, but at the very least we've kept this thread near the top for a bit. Someone with a bit more networking knowledge than me may have seen it by now, and as we speak is winging through their IE favourites to find a relevent link :o)

  AragornUK 13:22 07 Jan 2005

hmmmm....just looking at the spec for a BT wireless router, and it appears that they are also a modem built in. Can your phone line connect to the router directly?

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