Help, how do I download music!!!???

  lucyloo247 16:49 04 Dec 2003

I'm competent at using PC for work etc but I want to get the hardware/software to enable my partner to download music files from the net and burn them to disc. I know I will need a CD writer, but what else will I need?

Please help!!

  [email protected]@m 16:55 04 Dec 2003

A lot time and money if you go the 'Kazaa' way!

Seriously, don't use the file sharing sites, you'll get more than music downloading!

  keenan 17:10 04 Dec 2003

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'Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws. Please do not post serial numbers or CD keys, or links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information.

As for 'legal' sites click here

  keenan 17:21 04 Dec 2003
  bremner 17:26 04 Dec 2003

click here for a legal downloading route

  MidgetMan 17:34 04 Dec 2003

Cannot see the reasoning behind qouting site policy to lucyloo247 re the post, there was no mention what so ever of asking for an illegal way of downloading music!. As [email protected]@m had already pointed out the perils of kaazza i think it was abit unwarrented.

I am sure that the whole reason of the post was to ask an innocent question not try to get links to warez etc. Please lets try not to tar people with the "I want free/illigal stuff" without good reason.

  keenan 17:46 04 Dec 2003

Fair comment,however, the end of the last paragraph
states 'or links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information'.

  MidgetMan 19:11 04 Dec 2003

and your point being???
lucyloo247 post did not ask for

"links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information'".

and no-one offered them them!

  MidgetMan 19:23 04 Dec 2003

of course then some one comes along and proves me wrong!!!!!!

  Mike ® 19:29 04 Dec 2003

Pc Advisor has plenty of file sharing programs in the Downloads section, presumably it's ok to mention these.

  rickf 19:47 04 Dec 2003

Too many gatekeepers thats what! I am sure FE is well upto doing his job w/o so many interfering. If we are not careful this would fast becoming Orwellian.

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