HELP: how can i remove partition?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:35 09 Sep 2004

my C\ drive has been partitioned into 10 lots of 10gb. [C\ drive & F\ drive] however C\drive is now full.
i dont use the second partition [ f\ ] as i have a second 160gb hard drive.

so what i want to do is remove drive F\,
and give back the 10gb to the C/ drive,
how do i do this without wiping out my c\ drive

i have paragon partition manager if that will help.

thanx in advance


  Legolas 22:41 09 Sep 2004

click here

You will need acrobat reader to view this but it should tell you how to use paragon partition manager to do what you want

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:45 09 Sep 2004

Legolas; have acrobat pro,
thanx il have a read phrew.


  Jeffers22 22:47 09 Sep 2004

Not familiar with that software, but most of them will probably work the same way. First step is to back up anything and everything that may be important. Take an image of C: if you can and save it to you big hard disk. Next, using partition manager, delete the partition you do not want. Once that is done (you may have to process the change at this stage), you will need to move E: into the space created by deleting F:, then D: into the space E: was moved from, then expand C: to fill the space between it and the newly located D:

Do not forget that everything after E: willl now be one letter less in the alpahabet. If you do not wish to go through any potential hassle that this could cause, instead of deleting F: reduce it in size to say 100Mb making sure the blank space is left between E: and F:

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:53 09 Sep 2004

its not very easy to understand is it !!!!

  SANTOS7 23:00 09 Sep 2004

click here this may help,good luck

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:01 09 Sep 2004

sorry i should have xplained better,

the hard drive C/ has 1 partition F/

[so on master 20gb drive, there is main C/ and partition F/]

it was called F/ because D & E are the cd + cdr

i would presume this makes a difference to your advice above???

  SANTOS7 23:12 09 Sep 2004

if you merge F:\ into C:\ it will become C:\ you can always reasign your drive lettres click here
as shown in link.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:18 09 Sep 2004

ive resized the F\ partition down to 1.2 gb

but cant find the wizard thats discussed in your clik here,

how do i now give the now free space to the C\ partition??

also the 1.2gb F\ partition has disapeared from my computer

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:25 09 Sep 2004

have computer management open, and i can see the F\ partition in there, but im worried about changing the drive letter as the clik suggests in case i then can reboot if i turn off.

i think ive bitten more than i can chew here!!!!!!

  Jeffers22 23:26 09 Sep 2004

Oh yes. I assumed D: and E: were on the hard drive. Not quite sure how you got optical drives stuck in the middle of the lettering of hard disk partitions though.

The merge partitions bit from the link provided by santos7 may work even though the partitions are separated (in letter order) by the optical drives.

If it does not. you may have to shift your optical drives to later - say give them permanent letters of X: and Y: and then reboot. Load partition manager and merge what is now D: into C: Your new 160Gb drive should show as E: but after the merge will show as D: (if I understand you correctly)

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