**HELP - How can i delete the virus BKDR_NETBUS.BR

  Poloman69 22:45 06 Aug 2003


I downloaded a music file off Kazaar and now have the BKDR_NETBUS>BR Virus which i have been told is NOT GOOD. My Virus killer will not get rid of it. How can i get rid of it without formatting

  powerless 22:48 06 Aug 2003
  Poloman69 22:58 06 Aug 2003

it says on that site to delete a windll.dll file, but i do not have that file. do you know of anything else?

  pj123 23:09 06 Aug 2003

Go to click here and click on virus information and type in netbus in the search box and press enter. You will get 8 entries for this virus. Read them all and decide which version you have and follow the instructions to delete it.

  Jester2K II 07:42 07 Aug 2003

(and not Back Orifice - different program Powerless)

click here

Scroll down for the link to each variant. You need to try each one until you find the right one..

Show how to remove several variants.

What Anti Virus?

Why won't it remove it?

Have you tried scanning in Safe Mode?

  powerless 18:31 07 Aug 2003

Oh well

  Poloman69 08:48 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help, i ended up deleting the individual file through DOS, and the virus went with it.

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