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I have to copy/backup e-mails.
The Method that has partly worked.........

I create a backup folder on the desktop, then I select the e-mails on the Right in a particular folder, then I drag and drop to the desktop backup folder. From there to CD.
This works fine, until you get 2 e-mails with the same subject.....(Quite often when people have used the Reply) button
Then the "Confirm File Replace" box pops-up!
Because this "file" has the same "name" it gives you 2 options
(1)Yes-Replace, which deletes the first e-mail I have just copied!
(2)No-Which means the second e-mail is NOT backed-up/copied!

I have tried Right-Clicking the e-mails to rename such option
I have tried dragging the complete OE folders to the Backup folder...Not allowed

Result: Only a partial backup, many emails excluded.

I have tried 2 other methods

(1) "Copying .dbx files" as here click here
…………They would not open or show when I put the CD in another PC… despite following all the dodges for finding them.

(2) "Copying the .pst file". NO SUCH THING can be found on my PC. And yes, I have set Explorer to show hidden files

Please Help, if you can. Sorry this seems so basic, but I can't find an answer on the web. How does everone else cope with this?


  [DELETED] 13:33 16 Jun 2005

I presume you mean with Outlook Express - as .pst files are only with Outlook (that'll be why you haven't got any .pst files)

You could try a an OE backup program - there are several around - look at Tucows for a good selection click here

If you backup the .dbx files, tha's fine - but .dbx files themselves won't just open. They need to be imported back into Outlook Express.

  [DELETED] 13:35 16 Jun 2005

PS - if you don't mind a little fiddling around - when you do the "dag and drop" type saving - save duplicates to a different folder - then you CAN rename them, and put them back into the main folder before you backup to CD.

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unless you need to save images in the files, you can click on file - save as, and save them as text files, which you can rename to suit yourself.

  [DELETED] 14:21 16 Jun 2005

.dbx files do not necessarily have to be imported back into OE, for you to be able to read the messages!

You can get a small program called OE reader that will be able to open the .dbx files from click here. This will enable you to see a message without importing into OE.

  [DELETED] 15:32 16 Jun 2005

I use this for backing up OE6 it backs up all of my address book and emails and any folder setups I have created to a folder which can then be burnt to disk. You can then use the same program to do a complete restore

click here the download is at the bottom and it is free

  scotty 16:11 16 Jun 2005

Copying .dbx files should work. Do not try reading them from the CD. Copy on to harddrive and change the file attributes as the files will have been set to be "read only" when you copied them to CD.

If you name the files uniquely (e.g. Sent2004.dbx) you can copy them back to the same directory as the non-archived ones and they will be available for you to read.

  [DELETED] 10:44 17 Jun 2005

Thanks for all the advice.
I gather I SHOULD be able to do this by copying dbx files without installing more special utilities!
Trouble is, it just won't work!
I can copy the dbx files to CD OK.
But when I try to read them on another PC (On ME.
They just wno't open!(Often its a message such as " not a valid Win32 app")
I have tried copying them to a new folder on the Desktop and deleting the Read-Only attributes.
I then copy/paste or drag/drop them into the OE folder with the same-type pre-existing dbx folders
(ie Windows/App data/Identies/Microsft/OE)
..........But I still can't find theses messages in OE when I open it.

I have tried creating similarly named local folders in OE and dragging the dbx files into good, the folder just opens a new-mail with the dbx as an attachment (Won't open...not a valid win32 appp)

I have tried importing them from the location in Explorer. I get a message saying they can not be accessed or may be in use in OE. But OE has to be open to do the Import??



  [DELETED] 23:42 18 Jun 2005

try the prog i posted its small 1.9 meg easy to use and takes out the hassle out of it. Thats my opinion anyways

good luck wiv it

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I have come back to this problem after ignoring it for a while.
The prog Completealias mentions is not currently available.
The "drag & Drop" saving (suggested by DieSSe)in order to give each message a unique name(subject heading) just doesn't work.
Perhaps I don't understand it. I "copy to another folder" I create, but the rename option is still unavailable.
Perhaps it has to be by dragging but HOW do I drag and copy not drag and move?

Any other ideas much appreciated such as how to get .dbx files from the CD onto another PC?



  [DELETED] 19:21 06 Aug 2005

"I can copy the dbx files to CD OK. But when I try to read them on another PC (On ME. They just wno't open!(Often its a message such as " not a valid Win32 app")"

You can't just open dbx files using Windows.

You must either IMPORT them into Outlook Express, or use a seperate utility program to look at them - examples

click here

click here

click here

click here

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