Help with hotmail

  Hugo15 20:07 09 Jan 2007

I have just tried to send an e-mail from my hotmail account. When I clicked send it game up with an box with 8 characters in it that I have to read and enter (like when you set the account up). I have entered the characters and clicked OK but I just keep getting another box with move characters in it. Any ideas how I can get out of this?


  Kate B 20:17 09 Jan 2007

Er, get a better email provider than Hotmail? Sorry - I think it's the pits, even more so when I hear stories like this.

  Hugo15 20:41 09 Jan 2007

Might be the answer Kate but doesn't really help me at the moment.

Anyone got an address of where I can e-mail hotmail to try to get this sorted?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:44 09 Jan 2007

Try closing your browser, clear the cache (with, for eample, CCleaner from click here ) and try again.

  Hugo15 21:25 09 Jan 2007

Thanks. I have downloaded CCleaner. References to cache are all in the advanced bit. Which one do I need to run?

  dreamer (|:-)> 21:34 09 Jan 2007

with those 'security features' that you're seeing, you can alternatively get an audible rather than visual message to respond to. Try that, it's worked for me before.

  iscanut 21:43 09 Jan 2007

You normally get that box when you click on the Forgot Password item. This then allows MSoft to ask you a security question so that you can re-set a new password. I can't understand why you should get this after having logged in !

  Diodorus Siculus 21:43 09 Jan 2007

Cache refers to the folders in which the temp internet files are kept; simply close your browser and choose "run cleaner"

  Hugo15 21:45 09 Jan 2007

dreamer, I tried this too and it didn't work. I even repeated the audio button over and over again to make sure I had the right number but no luck. This is driving me mad!!!!!

Have used my wife's hotmail account to send a mail to hotmail so will see what happens.

  iscanut 21:46 09 Jan 2007

This address might be of some use

click here

  iscanut 21:47 09 Jan 2007

Sorry ignore previous link..

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