Help Hitachi Deskstar SATA2

  fredhead40 12:23 13 Mar 2006

I bought a 250Gb version of the SATA2 Deskstar for my nephews newq build PC.
Everything loaded etc. The last action was to upgrade the drive to SATA2 (300) as they are sold in the SATA150 state and you have to use a piece of software to upgrade it.
I duly followed the instructions from the Hitachi site and started the process. Part way through the I eperienced an error. Every tine I tried the same error came up. After the weekend I called Hitachi only to be told that the piece of software (feature tool) wasnt compactable with my motherboard, an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe. I cannot belive that Hitachi havent included one of the few mainstreme mobos. There answer was to find someone with a capatable board and ask them to upgrade the drive. Why the hell do they persist in selling this drive in the 150 mode and not the mode it is designed for. Where do I know stand buying something I wanted but didnt get?
MY ADVICE, STAY CLEAR OF THIS DRIVE. Buy one of the other makes that are available.

Is there anyone in the Dagenham area that could help out to upgrade the drive to SATA 300?

  fredhead40 23:30 16 Mar 2006

Just to clarify I am looking for anyone with a motherboard that has an SATA connection. All you need to do for me is connect my drive to your mobo. You dont have to boot the PC to windows as the feature tool program boots first and then the change is made to the drive.

Help !



  johnnyrocker 23:37 16 Mar 2006

local friendly pc repairer?


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