help help help... please.

  Jamesrooneyefc 12:43 17 Dec 2003

hi, i am really new to computing (although i have had my pc for a while now i have never got round to understanding it).

i am wanting to upgrade my gfx card, i currently have a gforce 4 (128mb i think) i am looking to upgrade and a friend told me to upgrade to a radoen 9600 pro 128mb for the money i have (£130). however he said i shouldnt do it unless i upgrade my mobo & cpu as i wont see much improvment? is this right?

also i want a new case for my pc and want to know if i could just transfer the parts from my current standard advent pc into a new case?

finally (haha) i have been trying to install a game (BF1942) but i get an error message the first one i had said i have missing cab files and i had another one last night saying specific folders are missing? any ideas on what to do anyone..



  gold 47 13:11 17 Dec 2003

You haven't said what your CPU IS!!! or what type your mobo is my older computer runs a AMD 1700 but the Radoen 9600 i put in didn't work to well i sent it back to QVC i was lucky there but i think that was my fault i had forgot to remove the old drivers and that had caused a conflict and yes you can transfer the parts from your old computer to a new case if your computer is over three years old then it would be no for the MOBO as it wouldn't fit.

  rickf 14:29 17 Dec 2003

More info please before anyone can give you useful advice. What m/b,cpu,os?

  Gongoozler 14:29 17 Dec 2003

Jamesrooneyefc, it is quite likely that with your old computer being an Advent, you will not get much benefit from trying to use the old motherboard in a new case. Advent were really not designed for upgrading. However, if you download and run AIDA32 from click here, it will tell you what parts you have inside your computer. I have recently upgraded two old computers with a new motherboard and processor very economically useing the Syntax SV266A motherboard click here and Duron processors. If you want to do the job for the fun of it, then it is well worthwhile, otherwise you may decide that it is better to save your money until you can afford a new computer.

  PA28 14:31 17 Dec 2003

As gold 47 says, we do need to know a bit more about the computer that "you've had for a while" - like how much of a while, processor, motherboard (if possible), memory, etc. You should be able to find this easily by accessing System Information. If you have a fast processor, then you may get a performace gain by upgrading the graphics card. But if not, you have to look at the whole package as you have been advised - a motherboard and processor upgrade may yield better results than a graphics card upgrade; indeed it may be necessary to get the latter to run at all! The chain is only as strong as its' weakest link.

Post again with these details and there will be a band of advisors on your side. You may save £130, but you may decide that it's better to save it for the moment and put it aside towards the cost of a better overall system.

As far as cases are concerned, the only real issues are that of "form factor" and power supply. The older AT boards will not fit into the later ATX cases. AT's have the connections at the back cabled and are larger. The more recent ATX is something like half the size and have the bulk of the connections mounted on the board itself. Power supplies have minor differences for type of processor and board - notably P4s having a seperate power feed for the processor. Again, details of your motherboard posted will source you an answer on this.

  Jamesrooneyefc 14:41 17 Dec 2003

hi, i have a pentium rig in my pc & it is roughly about 2yrs old.

my friend has epox mobo and amd cpu to change to.(this is quted from his e-mail).

if needed i can wait till i get home & get my full spec.

  rickf 16:35 17 Dec 2003

you need to give the full specs.essentilas ones being m/b, cpu, os and how much ram you got.

  rickf 16:36 17 Dec 2003

As a guess, given that it is only about 2yrs old, you should not have probs with the card in mind. Make sure you have an AGP slot on your m/b.

  rickf 16:36 17 Dec 2003

As a guess, given that it is only about 2yrs old, you should not have probs with the card in mind. Make sure you have an AGP slot on your m/b.

  Stuartli 17:25 17 Dec 2003 once tested an nVidia graphics card with the then Athlon CPUs ranging from around 900MHz to 1.4MHz.

In the end most of the test results showed very little variation and it was concluded that the graphics card played a far greater role than the CPU.

Of course, it could well be that with current CPUs and graphics cards matters are different.

  Stuartli 17:28 17 Dec 2003

Going to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then System Information, will provide comprehensive details of everything and anything that is on your system, including hardware and software.

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