SolvaCollective 14:02 23 Oct 2003

Hi I have a Dell Optiplex G1 Windows 2000

My system was fine then about three days ago it started making noises while im in the middle of programs, you know the sound when its booting up or opening a web page. It didnt slow the system down though.

Until two days ago. When I booted up it just made this noise and after it booted up it continued. Yesterday I re-installed windows not a clean install though, I keept the programs on the system. So now after it boots up it goes quiet like it should, until I open AOL or when I open one of my games. Other stuff like Adobe & MS office programs are fine, they take a bit longer than normal but they open.

Where as AOL, I have timed it when left alone it takes about ten mins and then it doesnt even connect. The only reason why I think i have got connected now is because I opened task manager and closed loads of process's.

Can anyone explain this or help me get it back to normal. At the top of the proccess in taks manger it has SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS and the CPU has been running this since I logged on. Is This relevent? Also I'm getting this weird pop ups not like internet adverts there like windows messages from porn sites.

And Im getting a Micrsoft Security alert MS03-043. It says MS Messenger allows arbitery code execution on an affected system. It says this happens because messenger doesnt validate the length of the message before passing it to an allocated buffer.

It tells me to go to click here. or I get the same message saying go to click here

  Stuartli 14:07 23 Oct 2003

Have you done a virus scan?

  graham√ 14:10 23 Oct 2003


  SolvaCollective 14:10 23 Oct 2003

Hi i dont have a virus checker on the system.

Does you know how to stop these pop ups without paying for the software? Or how to cure my terminally ill system? (LOL)

  christmascracker 14:16 23 Oct 2003

click here

Run an online virus scan

  woodchip 14:31 23 Oct 2003

You are causing a lot of head aches for helpers not running a Anti Virus on your computer. When you can get one Free from click here and keep it up to date

  Chegs ® 14:40 23 Oct 2003

I just visited the Link provided,and it says I have to PAY for the piece of software to kill the MSN popups! There are several FREE ways to do this,so the popup was created by the prog to stop popups????

click here

or remove Windows Messenger completely via ADD/REMOVE progs,or "Start/Run and copy paste RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove into the run box.

  SolvaCollective 16:48 23 Oct 2003

I understand that its not ideal not running an anti virus but I have sorted that out now.

Does anyone know what could be causing the problem with my system?

  Djohn 17:15 23 Oct 2003

Download and run this program, it's free and will remove any uninvited cookies from your PC. The free version is the third one down on the left of page. click here

Also do a defrag of your hard drive, if this hasn't been done for a while, then you will notice an improvement in speed regarding the opening of your programs. Delete all your Temp. internet files as well. This should HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP, quite a lot. ;o)

  DieSse 17:23 23 Oct 2003


You missed one ;-))

  Djohn 17:32 23 Oct 2003

I saved that one in case I need it! ;o)

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