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  shortcircuit 14:24 21 Sep 2004


I had a problem with my laptop which has xp pro and so deceided to do a repair with an xp pro disk.

Fo some reason it stops at installing devices and then displays a blue scree with logs of writing and then it rebootsa nd does it all again!! Help!! as this is not my pc and has loads of info on it. Hoew can I return it back to normal.


  wysiwyg8 14:37 21 Sep 2004

Re start the computer in Safe Mode, then run System Restore at a restore point before you started having problems. Try that first and see how you get on

  [DELETED] 14:38 21 Sep 2004

I would suggest that you try to start in safe mode (Press f8 during boot up) to see if you can do a system restore from there. If not sounds like a full re-install would be required.

  [DELETED] 14:40 21 Sep 2004

Sorry to duplicate you, I must learn to type faster.

  wysiwyg8 14:44 21 Sep 2004

buscrew Just glad we think the same

  shortcircuit 14:53 21 Sep 2004

No luck.

It goes back to reinstalling. There must be some way of rewinding the repair

  shortcircuit 15:14 21 Sep 2004

If the laptop has a XP pro certificate and key code on the bottom of the laptop, does that mean the XP was preinstalled and a copy is on the laptop? If that is the case, maybe that is why it will not repair from another xp disk. If that is so, how do I get the preinstalled version to do a repair.

  shortcircuit 15:35 21 Sep 2004


  Dorsai 16:47 21 Sep 2004

Will it start in safe mode??

If it does, try this.

Controll panel>system>advanced(tab)>startup and recovery 'settings button'

uncheck the 'automatically restart' check box.

This hopefully will give you the chance to read the screen with the lots of writing on, to find why it is automatically restarting.

Then post back with what the screen says.

  shortcircuit 19:24 21 Sep 2004

Sorry. Won't start in safemode.

Don't know what to do

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