Help with HDD and Optical Drives

  Craigmave 12:30 05 Feb 2004

Hello there. I have just had a majour revamp inside my case. Can you please advise me. How is the best way to set up the IDE cables. At the mo i have HDD 1 and HDD 2 on IDE 1. And i also have CDRW and DVD drives on IDE 2 set as master and slave etc. Is this ok or will this cause problems. I used to have a hdd and an optical on IDE 1 and then the same on IDE 2, but i seemed to be having problems with crashes and all sorts really. Hope that you can help. Ceers from Craig.

  Jester2K 12:59 05 Feb 2004

Hard drives on IDE 1 and opticals on IDE 2. Fine

  jimv7 13:16 05 Feb 2004

As Jester2K has said is fine making sure that the cdrw is set as master on ide2.

  Craigmave 15:18 05 Feb 2004

thats great, thanks for your help.

  GuyR 17:29 05 Feb 2004

Don't forget the drive at the end of the cable is the master, the second drive is the slave(or you can use cable select) for jumper settings.

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