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  mocha 17:27 24 May 2009

Hi all,

When I first got my laptop it required me to partition the 160 GB hard drive to C: and D: drives, in the instructions it said the recovery partition would be situated on D: drive's space, I adjusted slider to approx 60GB C: 100GB D: When it finished partitioning and installing Vista it turn's out that the recovery partition takes up c: drives space.

With Vista and installed programs I have 12GB left on C: (Vista eats hard drive space).

I have used Macrium Reflect to copy images of both my recovery partition and c: drive onto an external hard drive and was thinking of deleting the recovery partition and extending drive c: with the then unused space giving me an extra 10GB on C:.

If the day came when I needed to re install vista would the recovery image recreate the partition or would I need further software to do this.

Any help, suggestions or idea's would be appreciated.

  lotvic 22:24 24 May 2009

Keeping the recovery image on the same drive? - If your HDD in the laptop developed a fault and failed you wouldn't have any backup image to put onto a new HDD.

If possible I would burn a Vista recovery DVD, does it give you this option?

My first choice:
I would advise using Acronis True Image (I use ATI 11) and put the backup image on an external drive.
You would then be able to keep an updated image of Vista and all your data and new programs ready for a quick restore in the event of HDD failure or virus infection etc.

  mocha 23:14 24 May 2009

Thanks for your response lotvic, I was worried about possible hard drive failure, my warranty has run out now and that is why I was looking at way's to back up my system's software, unfortunately the only CD's that came with the laptop are the driver CD and the CD to start the recovery partition software. Which as you mention if the drive fails I would have no backup to put on new drive. There are no options to copy all to DVD.

I forgot to mention in my first post that the images I created with Macrium were separate images one of the RECOVERY partition and one of the C:\ drive partition.

  woodchip 23:19 24 May 2009

You can use Acronis True Image to create a backup

  rdave13 23:29 24 May 2009

I must say I'm puzzled by this having a 'CD' to start the recovery partition. On my Presario C500 I burnt a recovery DVD and made a copy when machine new. Used the DVD copy to restore to factory setting and it worked. Next I tried tapping F10 on bootup and restored to FS and that worked. So I deleted the recovery partition, rebooted and have the full 120 GB Hdd. Tested the recovery DVD again and it worked. So some PCs need the recovery partition and a disc to restore?

  mocha 23:51 24 May 2009

Thanks woodchip, I'll check out Acronis tomorrow on the web, not sure of the difference between Acronis and Macrium.

Hi rdave13, I was thinking about deleting recovery partition also, if I needed to restore my recovery partition would the image I created on my external hard drive re create that partition are would I have to use separate software to do that. I've never used this kind of software, alway's been used to putting my Win98, Win2000, XP disk in drive when things have gone wrong in the past. Thank's for your input.

  rdave13 00:00 25 May 2009

I wouldn't delete the recovery partition as I have no knowledge as to your systems restore facility. As for Acronis I've never needed it so you'll have to wait for a reply from a user.

  woodchip 00:14 25 May 2009
  lotvic 00:26 25 May 2009

What make/model is the laptop?

Is the Macrium Reflect the Free version that you have downloaded?
and is it separate and different to the laptop's own recovery program that you have the CD for to start the recovery partition software?

I have been looking on Macrium Reflect website click here and it seems to be very similar to Acronis.

  mocha 06:47 25 May 2009

Thanks rdave13, I wont delete it just yet, I'm going too listen to the thoughts of the forum before making my mind up what to do.

Thanks for the link woodchip, I'll check out what Acronis does.

Hi lotvic, thanks very much for your link i've started to read the tutorial, and have already found answer's to most of my questions, brilliant. My laptop is a Samsung R60, the software that is installed on the harddrive, namely 'Samsung Recovery Solutions' allows me to make a backup of my Recovery partition onto the D: drive only. What is the point of that when it is the same physical hard drive as C: and if the drive fails I will have no operating system and in the meantime I've lost 20GB storing 2 recovery partitions.

Yes its the Free version of Macrium Reflect. I made a Linux CD with the software and that boots up my laptop, and I can see the External harddrive as shown in the tutorial. Yes it's different to the Samsung recovery disk. The recovery CD that came with it has no menu and just claims to install Vista, I,m presuming from the recovery partition, otherwise it would be on a DVD. Thank's once again.

  woodchip 16:03 25 May 2009

Acronis creates a Backup of you Partition or Drive so if the Drive Goes you can restore the Image Just as at the time you made the Image Operating System and all Software plus everything on your disc in a very short time. Image is best saved to another extra internal Hard Drive or external usb drive

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