Help! Hard disc space taken

  jonnyg111 14:23 25 Apr 2010

I've got two 400 GB hard discs on my machine, which have ben almost empty till today - I don't have many big files. Now I have just looked on My Computer, and they are suddenly both almost full! Have I tried to download anything big recently? Not that I can recall - I have tried looking in C drive, but it is hard to find where these big files are. What should I do?


  jonnyg111 15:51 25 Apr 2010

I've just opened C drive, and highlighted everything there and looked at Properties. It comes to 50 GB. Why then is the computer telling me that 95% of my 450 GB drive is full?


  john bunyan 17:08 25 Apr 2010

Have you run CCleaner and a malware scan such as Malawarebytes or Superantispyware? If not I would do so.(I assume you have them - all are free). Also how much space have you allocated to restore points ?

  jonnyg111 18:00 25 Apr 2010

I have Kaspersky (the full kit) and I have assumed this does everything automatically, but I will try to run it myself now. Can you explain restore points?

  jonnyg111 18:07 25 Apr 2010

Just run a quick scan, no nasties revealed, Kaspersky says it is completely operational.

  john bunyan 18:16 25 Apr 2010

Not sure what OS you have, but windows creates "snapshots" of your system - for example when updates are issued. If you have a problem you can restire your system to an earlier time. Do look it up on Google or Microsoft website. Usually you set the amount of soace allocated for this to around 12% of the disc where they are (by default C:).

  mooly 19:44 25 Apr 2010

Do you do a full shutdown of the system and reboot or just use sleep/hibernate etc.

If so try a full shutdown. You can't have just filled two drives up today.
If that does nothing is it worth trying system restore to go a day or two.

  mooly 19:46 25 Apr 2010

That should read "to go back a day or two"

click here

  jonnyg111 23:10 25 Apr 2010

I've just shut everything down and rebooted - no change, still 5% space left on a 450 mGb drive that is only showing 46Gb on it.

I could try a system restore, but I will lose recent files and it could just all happen again I guess.


  Kevscar1 01:52 26 Apr 2010

have you gone into the drives to see what's there.
As already suggested download and run cccleaner

  mooly 07:40 26 Apr 2010

System restore doesn't touch "user files".
It only works on Windows files etc. Anything you haved saved, documents, pictures etc is left untouched.

There is a free program called "Treesize"

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that often gets recommended on here.

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