help, hacked !!! It's very important

  vako 18:37 18 Aug 2009

dear sir,

Firts of all, i would like to sorry for my poor english, but it seems that i can't find help on french forums.
The problem is the following. I (A) have created a mail address, protected by passwor, to communicate with a person (B) on hotmail during my travel in Asia.
A mail that I've (A) sent to her (B), and her response have been copy and paste by an anonymous (C) and both of the message have been sent through a x hotmail address to a third person (D). This person (D) has deleted the mail, and just printed it. So, I've just in my possession a scanning of the text and the hotmail address which served to transferred our messages, taht is the hotmail address of C.
I have sent a message to msn in view too obtain some information about who cracked my (a) or her (B) or both of our address, but they asked a legal complaint. I have no problem to pursue the C person, but D is fearing having problem with his boss because he opened the mail during working time. On the other and i have no confidence in D, and i'm nearly sure that D and C are the same person, but I can't and won't take the risk to cause damage if not.
Could you tell me if it is possible to know otherwise?
It is extremely important because we are in divorce procedure, and I need rapidly some information about the cracker.

Thanks in advance for help

  Forum Editor 18:51 18 Aug 2009

1. Does anyone else have access to the computer used by the person to whom you sent the mail?

2. Does anyone else have access to your computer?

For a third party to have access to an email message it is necessary to either have access to one of the two computers, to have access to the mail account on the hotmail server, or to be sent a copy of the message by the sender or the recipient.

  vako 19:07 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for help

I ll give you some precision, and don't hesitate if you want to ask me more.
I was in Asia and during this time nobody at home. The new address I have created just before leaving is a proximus address (the name of my mobile access giver)was protected by a password and nobody except my mother and my daughter know about it.
For B, it is different because she lived with D, D who opened and read sms on her mobile, its msn message and so one...that's the reason why I think that D can be C. But it is just a thought not a proof or a fact, and I can't just said "it's him". But you understand why it's difficult for me to renounce discovering who has done this, BECAUSE pursue can signify problem for him. I want to know but i cannot be as bad as him, and not take care of consequences if he's not guilty.

What I don't understand is that B deleted every message she sent to me just after sending.
The second point is the method: why create a fake msn address and not juts say "see what you've written" if C is guilty?, and more, why copy and paste and not just transfer our messages?
IMaybe is there a technical reason for that but I am not sufficiently good in informativs matter to understand.
I have ask for geographical information from msn, because we live B and I, in different country, so I can have the beginning of an answer, baut they refused. I find it hard because, that's my message, and my private life which as been opened and I have no possibility to find out

  vako 19:09 18 Aug 2009

sorry, i have found many errors in my english. I hope that i am readible.

  vako 19:13 18 Aug 2009

I have forgot to say that B and I we have analysed our computer with different anti spyware (i.e kasperski) but nothing was found.

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