help with graphics card. newbie alert!

  gazz88 17:27 02 May 2017

hi all,

I'm new to the pc world, around 3 months ago we were given a pc,firstly we upgraded to windows 10, I downloaded a couple of games I used to play years ago. my partner plays sims 4, the trouble is it crashes and its slow, I checked out what we were running, this is the spec

dell OptiPlex 7010 DT operating system- windows 10 pro 64 bit processor- intel core i3-3220 cpu @ 3.3 ghz 4 gb ram directX 12,

I'm wondering what graphics card I can put in it, I know I'm pretty limited because the pc tower isn't full size, I'm looking to spend around £100-£150, I'm not expecting great things just an improvement. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks Gary

  wee eddie 17:46 02 May 2017

Before you get a card, a couple of small thoughts.

The Processor is an i3 and it will never be able to take on anything but the most basic of games.

It is a Dell, Dell use many parts that are manufactured specifically for them. however, doubling the RAM should give you a boost.

As to a Card, it could be worth contacting Dell

  gazz88 18:18 02 May 2017

Thanks for the reply, so basically the pc is really basic and not really for gaming, how easy is it to upgrade the ram? Is it something I can do myself? How can I tell what ram I can go upto? Thanks

  wee eddie 20:27 02 May 2017

It's a simple task. You can find plenty of Tutorials on YouTube.

Use your PC to go to this Website Crucial and use it's tool to tell you what is available and buy it from them. Their Warranty is copper bottomed, and if their suggestion doesn't work, they will refund without quibble

1]: [click here

  Jollyjohn 09:47 03 May 2017

See here click here for a specification sheet for your PC. On page 2 you should be able to work out if you have a desktop, mini tower, small or ultra small form factor, and therefore what size graphics card will fit.

  gazz88 11:06 03 May 2017

I already know the specs of the pc, (in my first post) i wanted to share as much info as I can to give everybody a better idea. This is what I found, the pc I have is 4gb but the upgrade is 2gb, silly question but is this lowering or adding the ram?

click here

  gazz88 11:10 03 May 2017

Just realised there is more options � my bad! Obviously bigger the better but was is satisfactory for what I need for basic gaming? 8gb?

  Jollyjohn 11:36 03 May 2017

I sent the spec sheet link to help you identify the physical size of you PC. The expansion slots info will tell you if you can put a full size graphics card or if you need a half height graphics card.

Currently your on board graphics will be using some of your 4GB RAM. Installing a graphics card will free up this RAM. There will be a slight improvement after this.

Going to 8GB RAM will improve the PC. I suspect you have 2 x 2GB installed and you could add 2 x 2GB to give 8GB total. However I would recommend buying 2 x 4GB and remove the 2 x 2GB sticks. ( Once PC is running new RAM, you could try adding the 2 x 2GB back into the two spare slots.)

  gazz88 15:19 03 May 2017

Thanks jolly, it's the desktop size so it's not the normal one but 1 smaller, I'm pretty sure i can only put in a half size graphics card, I'll open up the pc tower and see what I can, i think that's easiest way to actually see what's there. I'll take a look and add pics when I look, thanks for your help, much appreciated

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