Help got a Virus now loads of faults"Vsmon Ilegal"

  BIGBAGGY 23:51 04 Aug 2003

I got a virus which had infected over 100 files managed to get rid of most but some I cant as it keeps saying file in use.
Now when I boot up I get error messages "Minilog" Ilegal operation" and a lot of "Vsmon ilegal operation" and another cannot open "Brasil.exe" don't even know what this is. Also I tried to reinstall my Video drivers but the Vsmon thing causes it to stop or not install.
I have tried to reinstall Windows but keep getting faults. I don't want to do a reformat if I can help it.
Any advice?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:58 04 Aug 2003 here

MINILOG (related to above i.e zonealarm) here

Brasil exe is the name of the virus,click here will walk you through deleting it.

I would prepare for a reformat, there will be plenty of advice here and it is easy-peasey...and keep your AV up to date ;-))


  BIGBAGGY 00:13 05 Aug 2003

In case it makes a difference. The Virus is called pe spaces.1445 and there is one that keeps coming back always just once called pe spaces.1503

I suppose if I have to reformat I will. But I have a load of stuff I don't want to lose such as Favs and email addresses. Can I not just remove Windows in some way and get trid of the Virus.

  BIGBAGGY 01:15 05 Aug 2003

any help ?

  Mango Grummit 01:41 05 Aug 2003

Do we take it that you have only one unpartitioned drive with no drive image or backups having been made?

  Mango Grummit 07:10 05 Aug 2003


Even if you are operating with your data files on the same drive as your OS & programs it is not too late to make backups of your data before reformatting. If you need help with any of this, come back.

  MjM Hellfire 10:53 05 Aug 2003

Just save your favourites and e-mail addresses to a floppy, using the FILE_EXPORT tabs in the Outlook Express Window and Export your e-mail stuff to a floppy, then go to your C: look for Documents and settings, find your favourites folder and copy it to a floppy.

Then formatting wont be such a big deal. Make sure you make a good backup next time, do not put that off and think, "I'll do it later", do it right away after you have your PC the way you want it.

I would recommend partitioning your Hard-Drive if you can. Make a separate partition for Windows, so the next time you reformat you only need to do it on the windows partition and not the whole drive.

Any ideas were you got the virus from?

  BIGBAGGY 11:22 05 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help. I'll start it now and let you know how I get on. I have easy CD creator on my machine which has an option to back up so I'll use that. No I don't know where the Virus came from.

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