Help with godaddy domain forwarding!

  crashb648 21:13 29 Apr 2011

Hi there!

I have had a free web hosting package with a not very to easy to remember name, so i decided to buy a domain from godaddy. However, there are a hundred different options on each screen i dont know where to start.

Please, could someone give me a step by step guide on how to send visitors from my old free hosting domain to my new paid for domain using godaddy.

Im at a total loss and any help will be appreicated! :)

  • Crashb648
  ajm 02:53 30 Apr 2011

From what you are saying, you wish to re-direct people who type in your old url to be forwarded to your new domain that you purchased from godaddy.

If so, I assume you also have hosting and have a site set up on the godaddy domain.

If so, all you have to do on the old site, is to put the main index.html page that says somethng like: " Our new site is" and either make the site clickable and when the link is clicked, it will go to the new site. Or enable automatic redirection from the old site to the new one. Click here for exapmples

Alternatively,If you want people to type in your new domain name but wish them to see the pages on the old hosting site, have a look here from Godaddys Help section that explains how to do this

  Ansolan 04:51 01 May 2011


Assuming the old site is indexed and you want to avoid duplicate indexing, along with transferring any value, a couple of options.

The first and best is to page by page 301 redirect the old site to the new site. If you were on free hosting that may however not be possible, neither would using facilities such as the Change of Address in Google Webmaster Tools assuming the free site is a subdomain.

Possible the only option available will be to leave the site up and add a meta refresh on each page pointing to the nearest equivalent new page. That approach is mentioned on the page linked above but you need to make changes to the code.

Tried to post a guide here but no go, try Sebastian's suggestion in this thread:!topic/googlewebmasterhelp-indexing/NYjmxHHHCr4

A fair way down the page.

Please note the 0 instead of 5 in the other example. Incidentally, you can remove everything else from the old pages if you wish.

No wish to deride what may be a very old page, short version, do not use either of the javascript methods suggested. The 0 meta refresh is in any event a good option for users and for you as well as search. If you have a delayed refresh, users may be unsure, or not bother, be gone before they are in the right place.

Regarding redirect options at your new host, you happen to have picked one with strange ideas on that front. Even when you don't want any redirects you might end up with them. Anything you do set up there is best double checked using a tool such as:

  Ansolan 04:58 01 May 2011

Just reread your post and wanted to be clear. May be what you meant but simply buying a domain is not the whole story. To move away from the existing set up the domain needs to be hosted.

Otherwise, as suggested earlier you might be able to point the domain at the existing files. That however is not the ideal solution, if you are prepared to pay for a small hosting package do so, or move to one of the free offerings with similar facilities. Search for Easy Hosting for example.

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