Help with getting laptop to function,

  lebjerag 20:27 06 Jan 2018

Please can anyone help me with getting my laptop working again, ?, I installed a new ssd drive after my laptop stopped working, I backed up my laptop to a usb drive before the swap,now I cannot get it to work,i changed the boot order but all I see on screen is insert dvd,I don’t have a disk, I up graded to windows 10 a while back, I tried EAseUp cloning tool but no joy,thanks in advance for any help .

  AroundAgain 21:26 06 Jan 2018

Since putting in your new ssd drive, have you installed Windows 10? WIthout OS, it won't work.

You could follow this - click here also need relevant drivers, of course

Apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick ...


  Jollyjohn 09:00 07 Jan 2018

Use the link from AroundAgain to create an installation dvd. Then you will probably need to create an EFI partition on the new SSD before installing W10. Alternatively try booting in Legacy rather than UEFI if there is that option in the BIOS

  lebjerag 11:13 07 Jan 2018

Thank you both very much for your help, I will try your options and hopefully get it working again, will report if I am successful, thanks again, Thomas.

  AroundAgain 14:32 07 Jan 2018

Hi Thomas

Re-installing Windows 10 isn't as daunting as it seems, if that's of any consolation to you. You will need the drivers, though, so might be worth contacting the 'makers' of your laptop to ask where to get them from. You should be able to download them

What I discovered recently was that although you need a 'clean' usb drive/Flash drive/Memory stick etc (min 8Gb) for the Windows 10 iso you can get via the link I gave you, if you then put the file containing the drivers on the flash drive, the installation will find the necessary drivers instead of you having to install them after Windows.

Obviously, you will then have some updates to install and all your programs.

Do post back if you have any problems or questions. Be good to know how you get on

  lebjerag 11:03 09 Jan 2018

Update, Thanks for your help, I managed to update windows 10, all my icons returned on screen, I am going to address getting everything onto my blank ssd drive, I downloaded Toshiba driver update, (it is quite old now) and see how I get on, many thanks AroundAgain, Thomas.

  AroundAgain 11:08 09 Jan 2018

That's great to hear, lebjerag. Great achievement!!!

If you're happy your question has been answered, would you mark it as 'Solved' so that others, looking for an answer to a similar issue will check out these solutions?

Please keep us up to date regarding your progress. AA

  lebjerag 15:52 09 Jan 2018

Solved thank you.

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