help with getting data off HDD please

  awest3 15:26 29 Jul 2011

My friends machine, old HP got a massive infection with Zbot.g. After trying all the well known malware apps I'm not really getting anywhere. SO I've decided to reinstall windows XP SP3. I've hit another problem! Of course no backups have ever beeen taken even though after fixing it previously I stessed the need to do this..anyway we are where we are so to speak. I need to get the data off but am having a very hard time achieving this. Although all of the infected files have been renamed (thanks AVG CD) I still cannot get at the internet through IE (I have to use native AO yuk!). BUT..all the XP drivers appear to be lost/broken/damaged etc. which means I cannot download I connected one of my old HDD's to the PC with the intention of copying all the data files to it prior to formatting the drive and installing a freash copy of XP Home Edition. But, because there is a problem I believe with the XP drivers, it won't install the drivers for it, nor will using my usb atp.atapi bridge device. I've tried copying to a CD but that will not work either. I've tried lots of other things with little success. My last resort is to remove the drive from thePC case and attach it to one of my XP machines and get the data off that way. My main issue with this is bringing any infected files with it.. hence my trying to use an external HDD...Once the files are across I would attach an external HDD to my machine and dump them on to that asap and deleting the copied files..

Are there any flaws in this course of action...or maybe another way to get the files across. I've been at this for a few days now and greating some great advice from this site unfortunately ..BTW it also won't recognise USB devices such as flash drives...


  woodchip 15:36 29 Jul 2011

You could connect it to your PC but there is the chance of you getting the virus's even if its in a caddy. Your Best bet is to Create a Image of your Drive using Acronis or some other software that does the same thing, Then connect the drive internal on your PC there may be power and data plugs you can connect to to do this, Also remember that though you may get is Data of the drive it may Have Virus in the Data. So that when you put it back you put the Virus Back with it. After you have done install the Image of your drive back to your drive to make sure nothing got planted

  awest3 17:19 29 Jul 2011

thanks.. I'll give it a go.. Al

  awest3 17:22 29 Jul 2011 post before last did not read too well at the end...Brain not in gear I'm afaid.. it should have said 'unfortunately to no avail'. Apologies to anyone who thought I meant I was not getting good advice.


  rdave13 20:08 29 Jul 2011

I'd certainly create a clone of your healthy PC's drive first before you try anything. I'd connect the infected drive in a caddy and use Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware to scan it. You get the options which drives to scan with these. Check with your Antivirus if that allows you to do it as well.

  Number six 23:02 29 Jul 2011


Have you considered booting the pc from a linux CD, and using this to copy data from the infected hard disk? That way you can avoid the risk of infecting another machine. Never done this myself, but I'm sure someone else will come back with full instructions if you are not sure. I believe certain distro's are better suited for this purpose than others.

  rdave13 23:22 29 Jul 2011

Number six

Copying data either from a Linux, or any other form, copies the infected data for Windows.

  Number six 23:36 29 Jul 2011


I believe awest3 wants to copy data from the infected hard drive before formatting and re-installing windows. Surely booting to a "live" linux CD (not installing it) would enable him to do this?

  rdave13 23:48 29 Jul 2011

Yes but it would be using a 'live' ubuntu- linux- system to transfer Windows data 'as-is', if you know what I mean.

  Number six 23:59 29 Jul 2011

rescue with linux CD:

link text

  rdave13 00:17 30 Jul 2011

Again may I stress that rescuing data will also transfer the malware or viruses as is. The original data, will be transferred. Therefore the original data needs to be malware free.

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