help to get back online after windows 7upgrade

  De Nada 12:53 05 Feb 2010

My wife decided to buy a laptop and connect via my pc router wirelessly,
it came with windows 7,so i upgraded from xp to windows 7 to help her with it,she is a complete novice,the upgrade went without any problems,i managed to get her laptop online before i upgraded to windows 7,but now my machine will not connect atall,i went to device manager and found three errors,multimedia controller,ethernet controller and pci simplecommunication,i can get online using the laptop,i cant find any manufacturers names to try and find drivers.could anyone please point me in the right direction,thanks very much.

  JohnWilliams 13:36 05 Feb 2010

What is the make and model of the pc you are trying to get online?

  De Nada 14:05 05 Feb 2010

my pc was bought for me by my son-in-law,that was put together by his mate. motherboard is,as-rock KS741,nvidia F5200.its roughly seven years old.

  JohnWilliams 14:32 05 Feb 2010

Have a read of this, hopefully it'll be of help.

click here

  retep888 15:02 05 Feb 2010

User Manual click here

Drivers click here
<pci simplecommunication(modem)= AMR driver>
<multimedia controller=C-Media AC97 audio driver>
<ethernet controller=SiS PCI Lan driver>

You have a skt462 CPU and your chipset is SiS741,
all the drivers are for XP only.You can try installing them,it might be ok(I'm not 100%sure).

If not you can buy a wired/wireless PCI ethernet card click here / click here or wireless USB adapter click here to get you online and update all drivers thru' windows update.

  De Nada 16:01 05 Feb 2010

thanks very much, i do have a ethernet card installed on my pc,i went to the asrock site and downloaded the cm 97 audio but it will install,

  De Nada 16:08 05 Feb 2010

sorry im flagging a bit now i downloaded the divers earlier,the pc will not load them.

  retep888 17:19 05 Feb 2010

Try right click the downloaded file and use troubleshoot compatibility and install in XP mode.

As you're back online now,try going thru' the Win7 windows update,there might be some resolutions for your issues already.

  De Nada 20:37 06 Feb 2010

Sorry,but this is the first chance to get back to the forum,i am still not online never have been since upgrade, i am using the laptop,this is really strange,there is nothing wrong with the router,i have tried downloading drivers and trying to load them,but nothing,according to the screen there is no internet hardware for it to find,replaced the onboard graphics of my mothecould the problem be my nvidia FX5200 card?as it rboard,i downloaded the drivers for it from the website,but they will just not load,i reverted back to the onboard graphics, but,the screen stayed blank,windows did load though,its as if its all vanished,te board will not accept anything,ive been trying for a good psrt of the day and got nowhere,any assistance would be very welcome,thanks again.

  JohnWilliams 21:32 06 Feb 2010

Make sure the monitor is plugged into the correct socket for the onboard graphics, and NOT the back of the graphics card if you're not using it.

  retep888 12:03 07 Feb 2010

To be honest you don't have to upgrade, your XP PC is fine to work with the Win7 laptop.Because your motherboard is quite old,some of the hardwares may not be supported under win7.

Anyway you can purchase the ethernet adapter as I recommended in above link to get you back online first then update the other drivers thru' windows updates hopefully.

You didn't say what CPU you've got(hopefully it's an Athlon not a Duron) and how much RAM you've got.Win7 needs min.1 GHZ CPU or higher and 1 GB RAM(2 GB recommended).

Your FX5200 should be fine to work with the Win7 Aero as long as there is sufficient system RAM.

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