Help with GA7NNXP

  philwane 15:40 01 Oct 2003

I recently purchased Two new fans (80mm Matrix with flashy blue lights) the three wire type with sensor. (not because my system was running hot!)

The reason for installing them was every time I went into Easy Tune 4 a utility program which comes with the Gigabyte board it flashed a screen saying System Fan 0 rev Power Fan 0 rev I got sick of seeing this so I purchased the two fans I connected one to the Sys Fan socket on the board and the other to the Pwr Fan socket on the board when I switched the computer back on it still read the same System Fan 0 rev Power Fan 0 rev I started Aida which only detected CPU Fan and they are not showing in Bios

What have I done wrong?

  philwane 20:06 01 Oct 2003

Forget it?

  SDJ 20:24 01 Oct 2003

I too have Easytune4 and I also have 0rpm on cpu, system and power fan.
The reason is the rpm on all the fans are turned down low so they are quiet and it doesnt pick them up.

They are all spinning so im not worried. I would suggest you only concern yourself if the temps get to high for you, ignore the rpm readings.


  SDJ 20:25 01 Oct 2003

you can set it so that it doesnt show up as a warning by going into the limit settings and changing the fan limits to 0

  philwane 07:10 09 Oct 2003

Ok I have found the trouble I think I have faulty fans.
I switched off the machine then connected the CPU Fan to the SYS Fan socket on the Motherboard, Switched on the computer and looked for the readout in BIOS it showed SYS Fan 4900rev so I switched off and tried with CPU Fan connected to PWR Fan again Bios showed PWR Fan 4900 rev so the sensors on the motherboard are working fine.
It must be faulty sensors on the fans?

Thank you for all your help Guess I will get another Fan

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