Help Friends laptop will not boot up!!!!

  julius44 20:20 23 May 2010

Hello there and good evening, my friend just called me and she seemed very upset, she's been using her mums Dell laptop for a few days fine with no probs, and yesterday evening she put it on and all she get is a black screen and she said id does not seem to boot up at all. ive told her to try F8, but to no avail!!! Her mum and dad have some important files on the laptop, and restore to factory setting is NOT an option(at least for now) She says she's been very careful when going online, and she has not donwloaded anything onto it. She just needs to get it working again. When i told her to press f8, continously, she says the screen is still blank. Help pls!!!

  VoG II 20:22 23 May 2010

Which version of Windows?

  Strawballs 20:34 23 May 2010

See if she has another monitor she can plug into it to see if it's the screen that has died.

  julius44 22:35 23 May 2010

its windows vista. And there is no ther monitor available, as its a laptop.

  lotvic 22:45 23 May 2010

Is she using it on battery or has she got it plugged into the mains? (and mains plug switched on)

  ashdav 23:39 23 May 2010

Does the hdd light flash when you try to boot up?

  PalaeoBill 01:21 24 May 2010

On the keyboard there should be a key labelled CRT/LCD that switches display between the external VGA port and the local LCD screen. On my Dell it is the 'F8' key but you need to hold down the 'Fn' key at the same time as you press 'F8'.

Other possibility. Sometimes Dell laptops get themselves into a frozen state (I think it is to do with a thermal shutdown; they get stuck in this shutdown state even though they have cooled down). Disconnecting them from the mains and also removing the battery and then re-inserting the battery seems to snap them out of it.

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