[HELP] Freshly built computer Freezes weird

  Othmane MOUBARAK 20:44 17 Mar 2018

Hi guys, i'm really at the end of my rope right now ... I've struggled the past month to get enough money to build a decent gaming PC (student), i was happy and all, used pcpartpicker.com & some reddit help to check the compatiblity of the build that i was trying to make, but right now it's been problem after another, while i could solve the past ones, recently my computer started randomly freezing under some weird conditions that i've only noticed ( i can't freeze it at will, but it's always the same thing when it does ) :

It only freezes when i'm barely using it, Browser + Dofus 2.0 (an Adobe Air based game, not very demanding at all)

Note that :

  • It doesn't freeze when i play triple A games for hours
  • It doesn't freeze when i'm only using the browser (whether it's Firefox or Chrome, i've experienced freezes using the 2 of them)
  • It doesn't freeze when the computer is idle for 8+ hours

My Pc specs :

Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bits

Ryzen 5 1500x, i'm using the wraith spire that comes with it

8GB Ram DDR4 Corsair LPX Vengeance 3200mhz, i've capped it at 2933

EVGA SSC 2.0 (double fan) GTX 1060 6GB

Seagate Barracuda HDD 1TB

Seasonic M12II non-modular 520W PSU

PS : Absolutely NOTHING is 100% used when it freezes nor is overheating, and one time it froze with youtube playing, the image freezed but the sound continued playing.

Things i've tried :

  • Uninstalling drivers & reinstalling the latest versions
  • Disabling hardware acceleration
  • Uninstalling Adobe flash player
  • Checking that everything is plugged right in the motherboard / PSU
  • Updated Mobo's Bios
  • Formating Windows 8.1 and then switching to Windows 10
  • Updating Windows

Things i can't do :

  • Replacing anything (PSU, MOBO, RAM, etc...) i don't have money right now and nothing's cheap / easy to buy where i'm from, so please tell me it's a software issue (not telling you to lie, just hoping for the best ...)

It'd be very appreciated if you help me, thank's in advance.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 20:47 17 Mar 2018

PS 2 : When i say freeze, it stays like that forever, until i reset / force shutdown the computer using the buttons on the case.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 21:22 17 Mar 2018

I'm sorry, forgot to say that my motherboard is an Asrock AB350M Pro 4

  Othmane MOUBARAK 01:19 18 Mar 2018

If it's the PSU, why does it only freeze while i'm playing a pretty low-end game ? It has never crashed while playing Triple A games on Ultra, that's what i'm wondering actually ... www.pcpartpicker.com states that there's shouldn't be compability issues, i'm lost right now

  Othmane MOUBARAK 01:29 18 Mar 2018

Update : Mine is an S12II not an M12II sorry my bad, and the Game alone can cause the freeze, no need to have a browser open, i've added a video showcasing the freeze/hang here : click here here's my pcpartpicker list : click here


  Menzie 01:39 18 Mar 2018

I don't think it is a PSU issue since triple A games are fine and no crashes occur when running them. Of course I could be wrong but I don't think that is the primary suspect in this instance. Triple A games would be running the system a lot harder than a flash game or simply browsing and thus use more power.

The issue seems to be Adobe Flash, it runs when using a browser and running a Flash game so that seems to be what is causing the issue.

Try uninstalling Adobe completely and look at a website that previously froze to see if the system freezes again. Do this on Firefox as Chrome uses it's own Flash engine if I recall correctly.

Have you used any registry cleaners recently? If so restore the removed entries (most software create a backup of what they remove).

Has the HDD been checked for errors?

  Othmane MOUBARAK 11:32 19 Mar 2018

Big Update :

The Hang / Freeze happened even when the computer was idle (w/o the game running), here's a video showing it :

I've also let the computer run while i was out, using apps that aren't very demanding (that i almost always use) and i've taken a picture of my Hwmonitor, task manager and resources monitor, showing the % usage of everything, and the temperature while it froze / hung, if that could help finding the source of my problem, link :

I've tried :

  • Unplugging everything from the motherboard
  • Carefully Replacing the thermal paste
  • Downgrading Bios
  • Uninstalling suspect apps (EVGA Precision for exemple)
  • Formating windows (again)
  • Uninstalling flash and adobe air (again)

Please if you can help that'd be much apreciated.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 11:35 19 Mar 2018

Oops forgot to include :

Video : click here of monitors : click here yes i've checked the HDD using crystaldiskinfo

Screen And

  Othmane MOUBARAK 01:12 21 Mar 2018

I'll send back the PSU & Motherboard to Amazon, hoping that they'd fix something.

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