Help Forum only shows subscriber not subject

  User-54B94A8E-8293-4ADE-9AB078E114526AEB 17:54 22 Jul 2004

How do I know what the subjects of the enquries are.
How to I access the whole window - the only columns on show to me are as follows across the window:
file icon - "posted by...daydate" - "date time" - #"number of responses"



  Valvegrid 17:57 22 Jul 2004

Can you give us a bit more info on what you're running please? Like O/s, browser etc.

  end 20:17 22 Jul 2004

and how long has this been happening..and do you know about "refreshing" the pages.
members need more information from you on the "basics" to be able to offer any practical advice and guidance..

can you describle your difficulty more fully please..

  Valvegrid 22:10 22 Jul 2004

" the only columns on show to me are as follows across the window: file icon - "posted by...daydate" - "date time" - #"number of responses"

Does beg the question, how did he post this enquiry? Or is he saying he can't access the individual threads? I which case he won't see our replies if he doesn't know how the access the threads. Can anyone see my reasoning? Should someone email him and give him some guidence?

  gudgulf 22:20 22 Jul 2004

Maybe we could post a new thread with the answer in the title...maybe he'd see that?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:55 22 Jul 2004

Wol can not see the blue text which links to threads.

I am assuming he/she can reach this thread by following the link in the response notification email.

Sorry Wol, I can't answer your query, but I hope I have clarified it so that our experts can.



  woodchip 23:10 22 Jul 2004

right click desktop\properties change resolution of desktop in settings advanced

  woodchip 23:13 22 Jul 2004

Of late I have got a problem , but it does not interfere with the site. It's the dotted line that is by the Nickname column on the right hand side it's missing also the left side of the response box does not show. All on Netscape on 98se and XP

  end 01:04 23 Jul 2004

your 2210;;; same as I was thinking.....but what does one do about it???. asn e mail replies MUST give the link to the page, but must be "refreshed"; and, also, notice, to this point, that no response to the thread FROM Wol......

does one of you experts want to do a direct e mail...??or..

unless the problem itself is incorrectly phrased..

  Valvegrid 06:31 23 Jul 2004

Wol hasn't replied on here, so I'll do something I don't normally do and email him, I think in this instance its justified.

I'll post back later if I hear anything.

  end 13:29 23 Jul 2004

thanks...could be useful to know what the problem actually is....and still no response on here...or contact FE

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