Help formatting/ partitioning external storage

  hooberhill 22:03 30 Jan 2007


Ive bought a maxtor basics personal storage 3200 conected by usb 2.0. This plug and plays as NTFS format giving 298GB. The problem is the Xp Pro OS on my old P3 800mhz 512ram system is FAT32 as i upgraded from 98SE.

Ive read about 32gb being the max size for a specific fat32 partition/format and am just confused with partitioning completely/don't have the software. The main hard drive is just 20gb and im running out of space so ideally i want FAT32 formatted storage on the maxtor but may be upgrading to use again in near future with NTFS based system.

Basically i think i may need short-term 60- 100GB of this in FAT 32 and the rest for future use. This would prob mean doing three partitions of 32GB if this is possible with the rest in NTFS.

Any help appreciated as theres lots of info on this mentioing think like fdisk to do this which im not sure about.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 22:12 30 Jan 2007

ny good click here

  ed-0 22:18 30 Jan 2007

" so ideally i want FAT32 formatted storage on the maxtor "

There is no real reason to convert it over to fat32. Your windows XP Pro can read and write to disks in fat32 and NTFS.

If you DO want to have three partitions of of 32Gb and the rest as NTFS. Then windows has the software you need built in.

To partition the drive. Plug it into the usb port.
Right click my computer, pick manage and then disk management.

Is the external hard drive showing in the right hand pane window?

  ed-0 22:42 30 Jan 2007

If it is showing in the right hand pane. Then right click it and delete logical drive click here

You then have to reconstruct the drive, so right click and pick new logical drive. click here This will start the windows wizard.

pick logical drive click here

select the size of the first partition you want click here

Pick the filing system you want and pop a tick in the quick format box. click here

that gives you the first partition.

Go back and right click on the rest of the unallocated space and start from click here and build the next partition up.

Continue till you have all the partitions you want.

  hooberhill 00:10 31 Jan 2007

Thanks to both of you for the rapid and helpful responses.

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