Help Formatting HD on WXP please.

  Jason Hobson 18:55 27 Jan 2003

Ive been using my current HD for about a year and a half now, and has become full of files and stuff that i no longer want. I dont know wat most of these files actually do so i dont know if it is safe to delete them.

I was told if i intall Windows XP i would get a free format ^^. But sadly it didnt, now ive got a new OS with all my old "crap".

How do i format my HD, or is there a way to delete everything other than the windows files.

Also i am out of floppy disks at the moment lol.


PS. im kinda an idiot so could you please dumb it down for me a little please, thanx ^^

  Elrond 18:59 27 Jan 2003

When you put the XP dik in it will ask if you want to format the drive and then install. My guess is you originally installed over the top of your existing set up. Just Insert the disk and install formatting at the same time

  Elrond 19:02 27 Jan 2003

dik = disk. I've had a right problem with my typing just lately

  Jason Hobson 19:06 27 Jan 2003

ive installed XP twice now hoping it would ask me that, but i never found it asking me if i wanted to format.

Ill try again later, but when exactly does it ask if i want to format.

Each time i didnt choose the update install, i chose the Full Install. 2nd time i even changed the file system from fat32 to the new one, hoping for a format.

  Legolas 19:12 27 Jan 2003

Here is how to format your HDD in XP
1. Boot your computer and enter the BIOS system(normally by pressing delete as you boot up)find the area in the Bios that allows you to change your boot up drives. Make the first boot up drive your cd-rom drive exit the Bios and reboot your system making sure you have the Win XP cd-rom in the cd-rom drive. A menu should appear giving you the option to boot from the WinXP disk choose this option.
2. The computer will then start to install XP when it asks if you want to install XP press enter then it will show you your present XP installation, it will at this point give you the option to delete this partition choose this option and then choose to install XP it will then give you the option for formatting the partition before you can install a fresh copy of XP choose quick format, this will only take a few minutes.Then choose to install XP in the newly formattted partition and your new installation of XP will begin.

  tran1 19:15 27 Jan 2003

Yes, I had exact same problem. You have to choose to delete Partition C for it to then give you the option to reformat it!

  jessie .x..x.x 19:17 27 Jan 2003


run you xp disk and it will come up with the message "do you want to repair xp" or " full install"

press full install,
after a little while it will mention that it will install xp on the partition that it has found. There will be an option to install it on the `partition` or to delete the `partition`

press - delete the partition.

after a few seconds it will delete the `partition`

then it will give you the option to create a partition,

press- create a partition.

it asks what size partition you want, just leave it to the number what has come up on the screen.

Your pc will now start formating the new partition automatically.( it may take up to 15 minutes)

After that its straight forward- your pc will start installing xp on a completly empty harddrive. After a little while it will ask you for the serial number, just type it in and 33 minutes later xp is installed !!!!!

jessie xxx

ps, its really simple

  Ironman556 19:39 27 Jan 2003

If your disk is NTFS formatted, then you'll need to get a boot disk (Win 98'll do), boot with the disk in, and allow it to load. At the prompt type FDisk. Choose to delete partitions, and delete the one with Windows on. Exit and reboot. Go back into FDisk, choose to create a primary partition. Enable large disk support and follow the instructions through.

Next (and you can jump straight to this if you've got FAT32 formatted drive...) Boot using the Startup disk. Type "Format C:" (where C: is your drive you want to format). Follow the iunstructions through. When it's finished reboot again, Insert your Windows cd, at the prompt, type "d:" (where d: is your cd rom) then "setup". The windows install should launch, and all you have to do is follow it through. Then install your sound/video/modem etc drivers once you're into Windows.

(Sorry if I've repeated somthing someone's written, I was delayed half way through writing the post, also feel free to add to anything I've said)


  Rayuk 19:48 27 Jan 2003

Correct me if Im wrong but I think you will find that fdisk will not recognise the NTFS partition.But if you delete non-dos partitions this will do the trick.

  Ironman556 19:52 27 Jan 2003

Correct.. thanks... You can still use FDisk, you just have to delete the non-DOS partition, you can then create a primary DOS for somthing like Windows 98.

  Jason Hobson 20:04 27 Jan 2003

legolas, i followed ure guide but when i told it to delete partion, it said it cant because it has some important system files on there, or something similar

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