Help!!! The following update will not install!!!

  julius44 18:47 11 Nov 2009

Hello all, i have a dell pentium 4 desktop, that runs windows XP service pack 3 now. memory is 2gb ram and the pc works fine for me, ive had it for nearly 4 years now,.....and ive NEVER ONCE had a problem with updating my desktop with Microsoft updates at all, UNTIL about 2 weeks ago, and ive been trying to update time and time each and everytime that i'm told that there is an important update..all the other updates download fine apart from the following: Microsoft.Net framework for Service Pack 1, security update for windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 KB953297.
I have no idea what to do next when i try it tells me that it did not install. Any suggestions please???

  Technotiger 19:16 11 Nov 2009

As you have SP3, I would not bother to try downloading that reluctant item - if you have an option to prevent it trying, then I would use that option.

  julius44 19:45 11 Nov 2009

okay techotiger, so u think i dont need this update then??? and yes i am using SP3

  Technotiger 19:47 11 Nov 2009


  Technotiger 19:52 11 Nov 2009

Perhaps I should have expanded on that - SP3 super-cedes SP1 and SP2, which is why you do not need that 'update' ...

  julius44 19:54 11 Nov 2009

okay thanks for that techotiger, much appreciated, if we are now on SP3, is there any reasons why microsoft is still sending out a SP1 update to people??

  Technotiger 19:54 11 Nov 2009

Because some people are still only using SP1 and/or SP2.

  Technotiger 19:56 11 Nov 2009

Also, though I don't have Vista, there is an SP1 for Vista users.

  julius44 20:00 11 Nov 2009

okay thanks loadz, i'm gonna tick this as resolved now, much appreciated, by the way techotiger, u have helped me and 1000's of people on this forum loadz of times, so my question to you IS that is there anything about the internet pcs, laptops, etc that u dont know??? becos before long we are gonna start asking you to give us the CORRECT set of numbers for a £90 million lottery euro rollover!!!

  Technotiger 20:07 11 Nov 2009

He he he - I wish !!

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