Help with first gaming PC components?

  blakeyboy90 02:04 02 May 2012

Hello all. I have moderate PC hardware knowledge, but as this is my first gaming rig I'd like to get as much info as possible ><

  KRONOS the First 09:06 02 May 2012

It is very difficult to offer advice if you do not give an indication of how much money you have to spend on your PC. Do you intend to build yourself? Do you need a monitor,operating system,keyboard and mouse?

What sort of games do you play? as certain games will require a more powerful graphics card than others.

I must warn you a decent gaming machine does not necessarily come cheap.

  blakeyboy90 09:19 02 May 2012

Oh man I'm sorry of only posted half my message. n00b error ><

  blakeyboy90 09:23 02 May 2012

My limit is £1,500 which needs to include a monitor as well. This is what I have down so far.

Motherboard ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 Intel Z68 Motherboard (£122) ... z68-v-gen3

CPU Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz Socket 1155 8MB (£250) ... 637i73770k

CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro H100 CPU Liquid Cooler (£80) ... er-cwch100

RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 16GB (4 x 4GB) (£75) ... 9+&x=0&y=0

Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 580 (1536MB GDDR5) (£340) ... p3-1582-kr

Hard Drives Seagate Barracuda 1TB (7200rpm, 64MB cache) (£69) ... t1000dm003

Optical Drive Sony AD-5280S-0B SATA DVD Optical Drive (£12) ... d-5280s-0b

Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower (£111) ... 32-kkn5-gp

Power Supply OCZ ZX Series Modular Power Supply 850W (£110) ... -zx850w-un

SSD OCZ Agility 3 Series Solid State Drive 120GB (£90) ... 5sat3-120g

Monitor ViewSonic VA2248 LED Monitor 22" (£105) ... va2248-led

Total £1354

Just look for some input on a few things.

  1. Is this setup all compatible with each other?
  2. Is it a good system for the price or is there any other sites that would offer cheaper prices?
  3. Any alternate components that would make a drastic difference?

Any help at all would be much appreciated. Can't wait to get my first rig all up and running ><

  KRONOS the First 15:38 02 May 2012

For another 60 quid or so you could get a GTX 680 the latest offering from Nvidia. Got my eye on an Evga card myself,just need the bucks as I want a Dell 30inch monitor as well.


I would have gone for the i5 2500K as opposed to the i7 3770 unless you are particularly into video editing,but hey its your cash and a very nice set up except better GPu and at least a 24inch monitor otherwise a high end graphics card is a waste of cash.

  blakeyboy90 16:09 02 May 2012

Thank you for the reply. A friend told me today to hang on till the Nvidia GTX 670 is released later this month. I'm confused as to why the 680 is already out on shelves yet the 670 is only out in a few weeks? Probably a total n00b question but it's puzzling me ><

If so, would the 670 be worth the wait?

  KRONOS the First 16:55 02 May 2012

Graphics card makers ATI and Nvidia always bring their top of the range cards out first then follow with the mid range GPU's. As to whether they will be worth the wait. I would google GTX 670'and make your own mind up. I want the 680 whatever moving from the 6870 which I have at the moment and can handle any game I throw at it.

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