Help with first build

  Magic Hobo 13:51 15 Jan 2006

My computer is getting old now as i've had it for 3 years. It runs fine and everything but i just think it's time for something faster, so i've decided to build my own. I'm on a budget of £250... unless a nice forum person will give me some more ;)
but some of the components in my current computer will be transfered to the new one to save money.Below is what i'll be buying

Asus a8n sli deluxe mainboard---getting for free
amd athlon opteron 144 processor
a pci express graphics card
this case click here
Anybody think of anything better let me know

  PaulB2005 13:54 15 Jan 2006

What PSU and RAM are you using? (You really don't want to skimp in these areas)

  Magic Hobo 14:38 15 Jan 2006

sorry, ram is 256mb pc 2700 and i've had no problem running windows xp pro with that little. And the psu i'm getting is a 600w one with pci-express connectors so no worries there, i'm getting that free too

  PC Bilbo 15:21 15 Jan 2006

You really need minimum 512MB RAM for XP to run smoothly. If the board supports dual channel memory then get a matched pair of 256MB.

  Magic Hobo 15:30 15 Jan 2006

Xp is currently running smoothly on 256mb so I can't buy anything that isn't essential as i'm on a very tight budget. So basically i'm cutting corners

  PaulB2005 21:53 15 Jan 2006

"i'm on a very tight budget. So basically i'm cutting corners"

Buy a cheaper board.

600 w PSU - Make and model?

  007al 22:05 15 Jan 2006

SLi motherboard under £70 click here
256MB PC2700 RAM for under £15

  GuZ><0r 22:07 15 Jan 2006

No offence but if you read Magic Hobo is getting a mobo for free. Also what will it be used for, such as gaming or general use.

  007al 22:07 15 Jan 2006

sorry,RAM click here
Its not worth getting a low cost psu either.Just because it says 600W,doesnt mean it will be stable,and run an SLi system

  007al 22:09 15 Jan 2006

Sorry again,im not taking in what im reading.Doh!

  007al 22:28 15 Jan 2006

Ok,case click here (has fan duct for graphics cards,no psu)
graphics card click here
I would advise the extra RAM too,as i think the pc you`re looking to build will struggle on 256MB.
Do you know of a place that has Opterons in stock?These are due in click here

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