Help finding lost folders.

  [email protected]® 19:37 05 Aug 2004

I have done a fresh install of Windows XP - Not a Format. I have lost some files and folders can they be found again? I hope they can cos' although most have gone there are some files that were there before the fresh install which are still there.

  spanneress 19:42 05 Aug 2004

You want this click here you do!!

Tis the mutts nuts!


  [email protected]® 19:52 05 Aug 2004

Thanks spanneress I have downloaded and installed but it keeps coming up with errors. Please help.

  spanneress 19:54 05 Aug 2004

Odd...what are the errors? Chris the Ancient is a bit of a Guru on this one..but fire away and will see what we can do....

  [email protected]® 19:58 05 Aug 2004

Error Code: 70

Error Description: Permission Denied

Error Source: SMR2

  spanneress 19:59 05 Aug 2004

OK..before I download it on to one of my XP machines..are you running Pro or Home?

  [email protected]® 20:00 05 Aug 2004


  spanneress 20:04 05 Aug 2004

Ok..just running it now,,,which one did you download? I am running the recovery one..what file types are you trying to locate? Are the docs or images?

  [email protected]® 20:10 05 Aug 2004

I am trying locate both and I downloaded the one cnet alternative download english.

  Chris the Ancient 20:11 05 Aug 2004

I wish I was the guru on this one!

All I did was find it, use it and recommend it! And that was the media recovery one - 'Smart Recovery'

Seriously, though, but a daft question I know... Have you downloaded the correct one of the multiple choice of programs? You need to use the top one of the list - 'File Recovery'. I've not tried that one!

Now, if that is the best I can offer, it shows that a guru I ain't.

But good luck.


  [email protected]® 20:13 05 Aug 2004

oops i downloaded smartrecovery!

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