Help finding info on old computer please

  hugh-265156 20:34 10 Aug 2003

the computer im told is an AFT 6066CL,i cant find any info on google.

reason im asking is see click here

and i would like to see if i can download some drivers if i can get them.

thanks very much.

  y_not 21:56 10 Aug 2003

I'm sorry , I've tried switching the numbers around, searching numbers only, letters only various meta search engines and can find nothing.

This posting will at least keep you at the top of the pile.

Sorry mate

  Bodi 21:58 10 Aug 2003

reference for the computer by any chance? Couldn't be manufactured by AST?


  Djohn 22:07 10 Aug 2003

click here Found this for you, but says, "Site under construction" Appears to be quite new and probably not the one you want, there is an e-mail address supplied. The only other AFT that I can find is US based and is a company that provides PC's for students. j.

  VoG II 22:29 10 Aug 2003
  graham√ 22:35 10 Aug 2003

Doesn't matter what make the computer is, if you have the CD with Windows, and a working CD Rom, make a startup disk in Add/Remove program. I tried downloaded startup disks and they didn't work.

  graham√ 22:37 10 Aug 2003

That's gone straight into Favourites!

  hugh-265156 22:43 10 Aug 2003

hi all sorry for the delay in replying,i had to nip out.

unfortunatly i cant get in touch with this guy untill tomorrow and the info was passed on through another friend.just to make things really easy for me lol!

AST rings a bell may be my friend has got it wrong you know.

thanks for the links Djohn & VoG will check them out.

  Shirl @ 23:02 10 Aug 2003

Aye carumba!!!!

click here

  hugh-265156 23:07 10 Aug 2003

lol :-)

just found click here could be AST after all,the 6066 bit matches anyway.

no point in guessing anymore,will see tomorrow.

should be fun.

  hugh-265156 18:33 11 Aug 2003

Hi all,thanks for your help.turns out it was this computer
click here

and there was no password prompt,it loaded straight to was a
fresh install of 95 so all i needed to do was a quick defrag and run a few
windows updates i had downloaded and show him some basics of how to use it.

running like a dream.thanks again.

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