HELP - External Hard Drive Failure

  Benontheroad 09:09 09 Nov 2006

This morning my worst nightmare came true : I plugged in my 250gb external hard drive and it switched on but it started to make some random whining noises for about 20 seconds then would not connect to my laptop....

It did fall off my table last night...I know!

My worst nightmare as it had nearly 230gb's worth of my photos/music/software/ etc. Everything I have built up over the last few years. No, I didn't have a mirror drive

Advice? Help? I feel like my house has burned down and I have just lost all my possessions

  daisy2bell 09:48 09 Nov 2006

Now that is a nightmare.
I can't help you on this, but what has happened to you makes it all the more important to have more than one backup.
I'm probably paranoid. Apart from acronis backup, I also save all my stuff on an external 320GB HD,DVD'S, and backups are on all my other PC's and Laptops.
So although this doesn't help you now, It would in the future.
I hope you can retrieve your items, and no doubt someone here can point you in the right direction.

  johnnyrocker 09:52 09 Nov 2006

if it is a caddy with a hard drive plugged in, check that it has not slipped from it's connecting block, if not a cadddy sorry to waste your time.


  Benontheroad 09:54 09 Nov 2006

it is in an external hard drive enclosure...I have opened up the hdd case the power and ide cable are seated properly.

It powers up so it is not a power issue and I can hear the fan in the external hdd running

It will turn on but then just whine then click then stop spinning

  De Marcus™ 10:09 09 Nov 2006

I've got the same problem with an external drive, although mine works but not until 20 or so minutes have passed.

It's actually my second caddy for this problem to happen on, my first one being replaced with this one in the hope that it would resolve the problem, which it did for a while.

The drive in question is a 400gb ide drive enclosed in a standard caddy, I switch it on and nothing but some faint clicks and whirring, it's not until 20 minutes later I am able to switch the drive on and off a few times before it springs into life, and works perfectly well. The exact same thing happened with my previous caddy and the hard drive is fine in every other aspect so I'm not inclined to replace again with what I think is an inherent fault with caddy firmware or hardware.

It may well not be your problem but try the above procedure anyway, what have you got to lose.

Also try turning it on and off 6 times in a row, I can't remember the reasoning behind why this method sometimes works but it does.

  oldbeefer2 10:16 09 Nov 2006

Experts could extract the info - I had a hard drive crash and just about all was recovered at a cost of £1500. My company now has a back up server!

  Benontheroad 12:54 09 Nov 2006

Well, since I can't afford to have it fixed and I was pretty sure the drop must have dis-lodged the hdd spin arm I opended up the HDD itself

I know! But, since it was pretty much un-repairable anyway I thought I wouldn't be able to do anymore damage; and, that I might be able to fix something.

Wrong! The HDD now does not even spin and I managed to put a scratch straight across the top metal cylinder plate after slipping with the screw driver

On the plus side - I now know what the inside of a hdd looks like when you take off all the protective casings...

Well, I am now looking to buy 2 new external HDDs now - 1 for my data and the other one as a mirror back-up - what a morning

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