Help with an Excel "IF" and "AND" query

  Mark-335400 23:15 04 Dec 2003

Can't seem to get my head around this one (perhaps it's late).... scenario is like this....
I need to get either a "blank" or "zero" in cell AD8, by way of looking at AD4, if this is blank then blank in AD8, however if AD4 isn't blank BUT AD5 is "0" then I need AD8 to also show "0", BUT if AD4 isnt blank and AD5 isn't zero then I need AD8 to DIVIDE AD7 by AD6

Would appreciate any help on this matter

  VoG II 23:26 04 Dec 2003

Something like ( Whisperer can do better than m=e at formulas):

=IF (AD4="", "", if AD5 <>0, A7/D6))

  pc moron 00:02 05 Dec 2003

This seems to work.


  Stevie D 03:34 05 Dec 2003

If the above don't help try this:


  Mark-335400 07:31 05 Dec 2003

Thanks all for the replies, sorry I didn't reply, but the clue was in my posting (I fell asleep), anyway its now 7.35am and I will put the replies to the test when I get work in the next hour,,, will post the outcome later today.
Many Thanks for your replies

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