Help with EXCEL formula

  iscanut 16:34 13 Jan 2006

Am struggling with an XL sheet and cannot decipher the manual at all to help me. I have a range of cells, split in rows, some of which are blank and contain no data. I wish to either seperate them from the data containing cells, or just delete them. Can anyone point me in the right direction please ?

  iscanut 19:36 13 Jan 2006

Thanks for reply, but I have over 3000 rows, some occupied with data , some blank, and all randobm. It would take ages clicking on each blank row, hence my problem and need to speed up the process with XL seeking out the blank rows and deleting them or at least placing them all together so that I can delete the block.

  iscanut 20:11 13 Jan 2006

Where do you find them. Looks intersting so will download and try out. Could be very useful set of utils for us non experts with XL.

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