Help with Excel 2003 data copying problem

  Housten 17:17 11 Feb 2010

Good Afternoon,

I will be creating a spreadsheet and would like to ease the way I use it. The sheet will have about 30 columns initially and will probably grow to about 60. I wish to record quantities on a daily basis and then be able to use this data in another spreadsheet. I thought that getting this data to the other sheet would be time consuming by having to keep changing the references, but I realised that if I use a specific row at the top of the first sheet then all subsequent references can be to this one row. However I realised that in the first couple of weeks data will be on screen it will be easy to copy the row I wish to use, however in 6 months time that will not be the case, and it will be necessary to skip down the sheet until I can find the row I wish. With this in mind I thought that if I named each row of data then I would be able to paste that ‘name’ in the top row, but I can not get this to work – and I am not even sure that it will work. I then looked at using the ‘R1C1’ notation, but this would not seem to allow it.

If anyone knows a way to achieve this ( almost ) automatic copying then I would be very grateful. Just as useful, however, will be the information that this can not be done as I will enable me to stop wasting my time and try to decide on a different way of recording the data.

Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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