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  sellewe 17:23 11 Oct 2003

I am using Excel 97 and would like to keep the top line fixed so that as I type it is always visable no matter how far down I use the page. I know this is possible but could someone please tell me how to do this.

  VoG II 17:25 11 Oct 2003

Select a cell in the second row. Window/Freeze panes.

  sellewe 17:32 11 Oct 2003

Thanks VoG, I worked a treat.

  Nosmas 17:39 11 Oct 2003

Do as VoG says, but bear in mind that when you click on Freeze Panes all ROWS ABOVE, AND all COLUMNS TO THE LEFT OF, the selected cell will be 'fixed'. So if you only want to 'fix' the top row and not any columns, you will need to select cell A2 before clicking on Freeze Panes.

If you make a mistake or want to change which rows/columns are 'fixed' just click on Unfreeze Panes, select another (suitably located) cell and click on Freeze Panes again.

  daba 10:04 12 Oct 2003

....if your columns have 'titles' at the top, and you want to Print out the sheet, then you can 'Page Setup->Sheet' and set 'Rows to Repeat at Top' (or 'Columns to repeat at Left'), to your header rows.

That way when your printout goes over one page, the title rows get put on again automatically on every page.

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