Help with establishing a wireless network

  6310 10:57 11 May 2006

I am experiencing difficulties with getting my two pc,s to talk to each other via a wireless router. The main machine is connected to the router via a cable the laptop is connected to the router wirelessly both can connect to the internet, but try as I might I cannot get them to speak to each other. I have run the windows network setup wizard, I have set sharing and security against both machines to share. The main Machine can see the Laptop and itself when viewing my network places/entire network/microsoft windows network/home from explorer, the laptop can only see itself when viewing my network places/entire network/microsoft network/home. Any help would be gratefully received... Nick

  mgmcc 12:07 11 May 2006

The most common reason for networked computers being unable to see or access one another is firewall software. Have any firewalls been configured to allow access to the networked computers?

  6310 12:20 11 May 2006

I think you are correct my problem seems to be related to the Norton Internet Security Software. If I disable it I am able to navigate between the two machines using explorer until I navigate away from the folders of the other machine and then I need to momentarily disable the Norton to get back. Any Idea if there is a setting i should alter or is it possible that Norton has got corrupted somehow and needs to be re-installed?

  Aargh 12:43 11 May 2006

In NIS, configure your personal firewall using the wizard in the networking tab. It allows you to set which IP addresses can communicate on your network.

As long as you have run the XP network wizard and set up all your PC's the same, this should allow you to see all your network places from each PC.

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