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  osben 13:57 29 Oct 2004


I have recently migrated from AOL to F9 for my ISP. I now have to use Outlook 2002 (part of Office XP Pro) to send my Emails.

However Although I have set up the email account as per F9's instruction, I have a problem sending and receiving. I have set up the same info in Outlook Express and have no such problems. I have configured my firewall to allow this and even disconnected it to test without. Outlook Express works with or without it. So I asume it can't be that. I have no problems connecting to web for surfing.

I did manage to get it working yesterday and sent a number of emails both to myself and other people and received them.
Not today though.

Can anyone suggest a solution. Even the F9 tech support do not know the answer.


  osben 14:18 29 Oct 2004

I have just tried again to send and receive an email to myself. This time I was already connected to the net. It works, But as I said earlier, not without being already connected to the net.

I am sure it is a simple problem but I can't find it. Can anybody help!!


  Cook2 14:31 29 Oct 2004

I don't know if it's the same in Outlook 2002 but in 2000 I'd go to Tools - Options - Mail Delivery and tick Automatically dial when checking for new messages.

  osben 11:06 30 Oct 2004

No, it's not quite the same but I have set Outlook up for this. sadly that's not the problem

I'm totally stumped

  rawprawn 12:32 30 Oct 2004

Check Tools/Accounts, make sure you have marked the account as default and remove AOL if it is still there

  osben 14:08 30 Oct 2004

I assume you mean tools/email account in Outlook. If so I only have the one account there. I made sure that I deleted all trace of AOL from the system at the outset.


  rawprawn 15:32 30 Oct 2004

Yes that's what I meant,When you say you deleted all traces of AOL. I assume you meant uninstalled. I can't think of any reason why you are having this problem other than someting left over from AOL. Have you tried detect and repair in "Help" in Outlook. I use Outlook 2000 so your's may be slightly different. I'm sorry I don't think I can help further maybe someone else can.

  osben 10:36 31 Oct 2004

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes I uninstalled using add/remove. I have tried detect & repair twice now.

Thanks for trying.

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