Help with drop down menu

  sugarbabe 12:01 25 Oct 2008

Hi i'm trying to add a new photos page on this site.

click here

How do i add a new link in though not done it like this before bit of a novice

Also if i wanted to add photos to boxes on left hand side how would i go about doing that??

  MAJ 20:27 25 Oct 2008

Those are very basics steps, sugarbabe, add a new page to the site, add a new link to the index(home) page, add content to the index page. The site looks familiar, I think you posted a query about this site before and IIRC didn't give any feedback on the solutions posted (sorry if I've got that bit incorrect)? Is this a site you 'took over' from someone else? Do you have access to the files on the server?

  sugarbabe 10:28 26 Oct 2008

I do have access to the site and yes did take over from someone else. I do know how to add pages etc just not used to this format. Have now solved problem the link part was in images which is why i couldn't find it.

Thanks for your help

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