Help downloading video from camcorder please

  puma22 15:06 19 Dec 2005

Hi, I have a JVC mini DV camcorder. My PC is newish with a large hard drive and imb memory and XP2.
I have a firewire card but not sure how to link this to camcorder so tried using USB.
Software used was nero vision express. Strated download OK, then after a coule of minutes the little preview screen weent black and it stopped downloading. The only way could get it to srat again was to reinstall the dirvers. Have tried serching for new drivers.
Any suggestions on how to donwload the video onto pc?

  john-232317 15:12 19 Dec 2005

You will need a firewire lead, it is similar to usb lead and usually comes with the card, but you can buy seperately.

  Pamy 15:13 19 Dec 2005

Hi, has your camcorder got a firewire out socket?

If so thats what you use to connect to your firewire card on your computer(read instruction book)


  puma22 17:42 19 Dec 2005

Hi, thanks for both your responses. I havent got a firewire lead. The card was ready installed. the sockets on the video camera are USB S-video and DV in/out. Is the DV the same as a firewire?

  Pamy 17:57 19 Dec 2005

that'ill do nicely


  john-232317 18:40 19 Dec 2005

There are different firewires though, have a look in the manual to see which one you need, probably 4 pin to 6 pin, or ask in shop explaining which camcorder it is.

  ICF 19:05 19 Dec 2005

What's the model no of the camcorder?

  puma22 22:21 19 Dec 2005

Thanks again!
the manual is very poor and doesnt give the connections. The USB is the smaller version socket and the DV looks even smaller. Guess I can take it to the shop with me. What is the best shop to head for?
The model is GR-D53EK.
So, will using the firewire rather than the usb solve the problem?

  GroupFC 22:39 19 Dec 2005

I don't know if this is of any help but have you had a look at the manual from the JVC site click here?

  Keithrow 06:55 20 Dec 2005

I always shop online at ebuyer for my cables, click here. Good value at £1.29, £4.50 with P&P.
You can pay much more than this at PC World! Check online prices.

Also the cables can have different names, confusingly, ie firewire, IEEE, iLink.

  ICF 08:41 20 Dec 2005

This is a shop called CPC near me in Preston Lancashire click here

You want a 4 to 6 pin firewire cable

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