Help Document management/scanning

  ozzie365 11:11 09 Jun 2008

can anyone help need to get a good document management software for a small office just started up but cant afford £00000s xerox etc.Just need to scan and save documents have tried Omnipage but it is useles not accurate at all.Did have a demo of a good system for £300( inc scanner) but cant remember the name or contact number cos was talking to so many people.
I simply want to scan bills invoices letters manage them and retrieve them.Tried scanning and saving as J pegs but file size too large background not scanned as white but has a coloured hue can any one help. A simple system for home and office

Many thanks

  wee eddie 17:29 09 Jun 2008

Which version of Omnipage did you try. No OCR is 100% accurate.

Are you actually looking for a Scanner that is quick and cheap?

Why do you need to turn those Scanned Documents into "Editable Documents"? Can you not just leave them as the Scanner produces them. If the files take up too much space ~ Scan at a lower resolution.

Are you looking for a, space saving, way to Archive your Invoices? HM Customs & Revenue may not be happy with a system which is not based on Hard Copy. In other words ~ you are advised to keep the evidence.

  ozzie365 11:30 10 Jun 2008

Hi Wee eddie
Thanks for taking the time to reply basically just need to archive received documents for quick access and as back up to hard copy which can be filed.
Used omipage 10 not good at all and have scanned at 72dpi but A4 still a big file.
Dont need to edit them.
Can query invoice etc without getting up from the computer sometimes the required document may date back to 2002 my old company used filing cabinets and off site storage which was time consuming.
Any suggestions

  PalaeoBill 12:26 10 Jun 2008

A realy cheap and cheerful solution could be something like a CanoScan LiDE 25. It can scan straight to PDF from a button on the front panel of the scanner.

  Marko797 13:29 11 Jun 2008

I scan using my old Agfa snapscan, which can produce pdf versions, as well as other formats, of all necessary docs. Works for me. Simple but effective.

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