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  herman1rg 14:27 24 Dec 2004

On my PC at work I have just got a problem. I Spilled a little water onto the keyboard and while wiping the display has now turned through 90 degrees with the taskber running down the righthand side of the screen. All text is orientated to this. The pc is running Win XP Pro.
How do I sort this out?

  ACOLYTE 14:36 24 Dec 2004

Hmm,have you a nvidea card? you may have altered the rotation in settings Nvrotate,if not i have no idea.

  square eyes 14:37 24 Dec 2004

Do you recall anything you may have pressed by accident.
The taskbar can be moved to its original position bu clicking on the blank area of the taskbar and dragging the mouse to the bottom of the screen, this should but the bar back.

regarding the rest of the display.. could you give more detail?

  herman1rg 14:44 24 Dec 2004

the whole wallpaper picture has rotated

  VoG II 14:48 24 Dec 2004

Is it an NVIDIA card? If so click on the NVIDIA Settings icon in the notification area, Rotation Settings, set to 0.

  ACOLYTE 14:52 24 Dec 2004

VoG™ thats it forgot to ask if the tray icon was there lol.

  herman1rg 14:54 24 Dec 2004

not nvidia

  herman1rg 15:01 24 Dec 2004

All fixed in control panel I found and icon marked Intel(r) extreme graphics which allowed me to rotate the screen back to normal and also the rotation option has now been disabled.

  ACOLYTE 15:02 24 Dec 2004

ok lol, same option different card lol glad it sorted.

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