Help on Direct Ethernet Networking

  bsheep9 15:37 10 Jan 2005

hi i've finally decided that i would like to network my computers to each other, both are on winxp pro, one is a laptop and one is a pc, both have a network card installed. I usually have the pc connected to the internet by the ehternet.

When i tried to network them by direct ethernet (no routers or swithes) i went through the wizard but it did not help me because they kept saying that they were disconnected when they weren't. Also I do not want the internet shared at the same time. Any help?

  Jeffers22 15:58 10 Jan 2005

If you are conecting them via a cable between the ethernet/LAN ports on each machine, you will have to ensure it is a crossover cable. While there are some NICs that will self configure according to whether the cable is crossover or straight through, not all will do so, so this is the first thing I would check.

  Jeffers22 16:00 10 Jan 2005

If you do not want internet shared then it is just a matter of not setting up an internet account on the machine in question. (Or removing an existing account)

  onomatopoeia 15:50 11 Jan 2005

i am having the same problem. im trying to do a direct link as mentioned above with a pc in the bedroom and a pc in another room both have NIC's and i only want to share broadband what do i do?

  LeadingMNMs 15:54 11 Jan 2005

Ensure that any firewalls are either disabled or configured correctly to allow internal network traffic. By default the firewall will do its job and block incoming access attempts.

  bsheep9 16:42 11 Jan 2005

hi, i haven't a clue wot one the laptop nic is but i can tell you that the pc nic is a belkin one or 'Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Et'. I have two calbes: the one from NTL and one i bought by myself, they both say Cat5e UTP, the one i bought myself has 'patch cable' written on it. I also have a third cable but i do not have it with me at the mo. Anyway the windows firewall is turned off for Zonealarm if that helps.

  Jeffers22 17:08 11 Jan 2005

It is likely that the laptop has a realtek LAN chip built into the motherboard. Only the manual will telll you if it is capable of autosensing the cable.

It really sounds very much like you do need to use a crossover cable. If it just says cat5 or cat5E or patch cable then it will be straight through and not crossover. If it is a crossover cable the bag it comes in will specify Crossover in the description.

  Chezdez 17:09 11 Jan 2005

you need to use a crossover cable for PC to PC

onomatopoeia, you'll be best off using a router to share your broadband connection, or else you could end up with really uneven sharing off the bandwidth i.e. on a 1Mbps connection, one comp get 0.8Mbps and the other only gets 0.2Mbps, not entirely fair i'm sure you'll agree....

  bsheep9 11:36 12 Jan 2005

well thanks, my friend said he would lend me one, but he rekons there is something wrong with it, is there any way to check if it is working?

Also i might buy a router later on, any suggestions?

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