Help with digibox

  Tycho 19:14 25 Dec 2005

Dear All

I do hope that your Christmas has been good.

A present that I bought myself has proven problematic . It is a Techwood TWDFV2 digibox. It seems to be working fine except that the TV which is connected to it does not synch the picture properly. I get the corners of the picture rearranged so that they meet in the middle of the screen with a wide black border between them. I hope that you can understand that! The picture slowly wanders around the TV screen.

If I plug it into the other TV it is fine. Are there any adjustments that I can make to get it to synch?

I know that this is not a PC question but I rather think that on this helpful site there will be someone with some good ideas.

In hopes


  rsinbad 19:25 25 Dec 2005

if it works on one tv then would think its incorrectly tuned on the other.Are you able to fine tune it so as to get a reasonable picture?

  Stuartli 20:00 25 Dec 2005

You do have the set top box output connected to the AV Scart socket?

  Tycho 20:02 25 Dec 2005




I will have a look but I allowed it to auto tune and I don't think that there is any other way.

I am now going to what TV (Analogue) for a couple of hours

thanks both.


  Tycho 21:34 25 Dec 2005

I enjoyed The Importance of being Earnest and now I am directing my efforts to solving the digibox problem.


  Carbonara 21:37 25 Dec 2005

Tycho do you have 2 Scart sockets on the back of the TV? If you do, are you selecting the correct AV input in the TV?

  Tycho 21:47 25 Dec 2005

Only one scart socket on TV


  Tycho 21:47 25 Dec 2005


I can see enough to check the signal strength which seems to be the maximum on the channles that I have checked


  Carbonara 21:53 25 Dec 2005

I'm stumped, connecting Scart to Scart should be as simple as Plug'n'Play!

  Freddog™ 21:58 25 Dec 2005

Hey I had this problem with something...Can't remember what! The TV & Set top box are on different settings like Pal and NTSC or something. Find out or just figure it out! By going on the TV settings normally via the remote control.

Hope this helps!


  Carbonara 22:00 25 Dec 2005

Just another thought, you said above that you let it autotune. Scart Connections don't require runing, do you also have an RF connection, this would require tuning to the correct frequency but will not give you as good results.

(You probably know this, but to use Scart connections if the TV does not automatically detect them you have to manually select AV on the TV).

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