Help with diagnosis and whether to upgrade or buy

  finallyfoundln37 08:13 17 Apr 2017

Disclaimer: I am a noob. So hold on, this is going to be a journey. I need help with diagnosing the necessary repairs and/or upgrades and I need help deciding whether it would be smarter to just buy new. Both of these laptops are old hand-me-downs, mind you.

The first laptop, my fallen love, is the Compaq c700. This small beast performed well when it came to having tons of tabs open at once. The bad news is I, like some sort of untamed jackass, used to lift this piece and carry it around by the screen. I didn't know any better. Well, I now know better since the screen now turns white as soon as it comes on. I've replaced the lcd cable but to no avail. I've ordered a replacement lcd screen and tried that with no success. I've hooked it up to a different screen which seems to work just fine until after I boot up the OS. As soon as I hear the "welcome" jingle for the Windows Login screen, the monitor goes directly to sleep. But get this, if I run the machine in Safe Mode, then the monitor does not go to sleep. So confusing to me. What's a simple man to do?

The other laptop, the Compaq cq62, is remarkably slow. I have no idea what's making it so slow. I'm running it with Linux mint. I have virtually nothing on this computer as I keep all of my data on an external hard drive. I can provide the specs and some sort of benchmark if you can tell me what tests to run.

This is the true horror... I use my laptop to work from home.. and the slowness of this computer completely destroys my productivity.. I'll have to spend an extra 60 seconds waiting on processes which should only take 30 seconds to complete. So if I'm planning to do 8 hours of work, I have to spend an extra 16 hours of pure waiting because of all of this damn buffering. It's madness. my job generates roughly $10-$15 in cash value per hour. So when pondering the possible fixes to these issues, can we also discuss whether it would be cost effective for me to take time away from work in order to repair these machines in lieu of just buying a new or refurbished one? My immediate need in a computer as of now is just to be able to smoothly browse multiple tabs at once. An average of 6 at a time. However I would also like to eventually have a machine which can handle audio and video editing. I know that changes the game a bit. I also acknowledge that this is a full mosaic of problems and I thank everyone for their patience and charity in sifting through this mess of mine with me. Thank you so much.

  Govan1x 08:35 17 Apr 2017

Probably better buying new with all the problems that you have had on that one.

  finallyfoundln37 08:55 17 Apr 2017

What are your thoughts on buying refurbished?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 17 Apr 2017

c700 - if its OK in safe mode then screen and associated hardware is ok, you need to go into device manager and update the graphics drivers.

c62 -AMD Sempron processor, only 2GB of memory, its an entry level laptop and is going to be slow with those specs. Other than adding memory its never going to get better.

  rickf 10:53 17 Apr 2017

Would upgrade to a more up to date comp/laptop if I were you. Not worth messing around. Time is precious where work is concerned.

  finallyfoundln37 18:05 17 Apr 2017

Thanks for the concise response Fruit Bat. I will update the graphics drivers and see if that does the trick. And thanks to rickf as well for a concise response.

  finallyfoundln37 18:44 17 Apr 2017

Fruit Bat, updating the graphics card did not help my situation, unfortunately.

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