Help diagnosing boot problem - burnt motherboard?

  Furious5k 19:50 15 Jun 2016


I was just upgrading my ram and I must have put it in the wrong way, because on boot there was immediately a burnt smell.

(Q: how did you manage to do put it the wrong way? A: By being tired / in a rush / an idiot)

Now if I clear cmos and do not have any ram inserted, everything spins up and ram gives error 53 (memory installation problem).

However, when I insert (another stick and correctly) ram, all the fans spin up briefly and then stop. This happens continuously. Clearing cmos doesn't change this.

My question is what is bust. I am unsure because without ram seems fine and new ram in different slot still gives problem. Is it the case that circuitry to all the ram slots is gone?

Appreciate any help on this.

  xania 10:56 16 Jun 2016

You may have caused a short circuit in the RAM socket, or you may have damaged the RAM itself. Try reinserting the old RAM and see what happens. If you have more than one RAM socket, try the other one and see what happens.

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