Help with Devolo 500 Wifi Starter kit

  Ettastic 22:33 27 Oct 2015

I was wondering if someone could help.

I have a dLan 500 Wifi starter kit. I have pluged the main unit into a power socket and connected it by the white ethernet cable to my BT Broadband router.

I have then plugged the adaptor into an attic room. I followed the instructions - wait for the green house to light up, press it, within 2 minutes press the pairing button. Done all that. All lights are all green but when I go to my iPad, android phone or laptop I am not seeing a signal - there is no Devolo network to select, only my BT one.

Things to note: have a BT broadband and so do neighbours - one has no security so in certain rooms their signal is stronger than mine!

I have installed the cockpit CD on my laptop, and there is a green line from the main plug to the adaptor so I think there is a connection. Have checked the wifi options on 1 ipad, 1 android, 1 nokia and 1 laptop and it doesn't show up at all.

Could someone please explain what I am doing wrong? Please explain it like I am 5 years old. I have read past post but get lost when people start talking about SSID, WLAN, and all that gobbledegook. Literally, if someone could hold my hand that would be wonderful.

Also, I have tried it on 4 different plug sockets in 3 different rooms. And on the router there are 4 ports to put the ethernet cable and I have tried it in two different ones. The other two ports are being used for the phone line and the static desktop next to router.

Please help!

  scales 19:44 29 Oct 2015

Hi, on the front of your Develo WIFI extender there are three buttons, one switches off WIFI have you pressed that and inadvertently switched the WIFI off? Have you tried plugging in a LAN cable to the extender box to see if it is able to connect through it that way? That way you would know it was working through the mains and that just the WIFI bit isn't working. Check the front buttons first though... .

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